Workplace Rights and Co-operative Industrial Relations Grants made in 2018/2019

Workplace Rights and Co-operative Industrial Relations Grants made in 2018/2019

Funding was allocated to six industrial organisations to deliver a range of projects over the next one to three years from 2019 to 2021 including initiatives to:

  • advocate positive change in the workplace
  • provide education of workplace obligations and effective industrial relations
  • increase the knowledge and response capacity to domestic and family violence (DFV) to support people impacted by DFV
  • Queensland’s Labour Day community celebrations.
Grant recipient Project summary Grant amount (excluding GST)
Australian Medical Association Queensland Deliver initiatives to support Resident Medical Officers including analysis, evaluation and dissemination of the Resident Hospital Health Check survey to identify systemic issues associated with fatigue, overtime and workplace culture.

(over 3 years)

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland Develop a suite of documents to educate and advocate for positive change in the workplace targeting women in business, regional business, Indigenous business and domestic family violence as a workplace issue.

(over 2 years)

Master Plumbers’ Association of Queensland Conduct a communication, engagement and education campaign for members to increase awareness of workplace obligations in the plumbing and gas industry.

(over 1 year)

Queensland Council of Unions Support the delivery of Labour Day related community celebrations including work associated with staging events such as advertising and promotion of Brisbane, regional and state-wide events, provision of traffic management, security and amenities where required.

(over 3 years)

The Finance Sector Union Undertake an education campaign to upskill finance workers and communities to better understand effective industrial relations and advocacy to government and finance sector employers to maintain essential finance services in the community.

(over 18 months)

The Services Union Develop resources and deliver training to increase workplace knowledge, awareness and response capacity of domestic and family violence as an industrial issue, with a focus on the private and community sectors.

(over 3 years)


Last updated 24 September 2019