Our role

Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

Responsible for improving work health and safety in Queensland and helping reduce the risk of workers being killed or injured on the job. Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) enforces work health and safety laws, investigates workplace fatalities, serious injuries, prosecutes breaches of legislation and educates employees and employers on their legal obligations.

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Electrical Safety Office

Responsible for delivery of electrical safety services in Queensland. This office develops and enforces standards for electrical safety, and promotes improved safety performance across the community.

This includes:

  • advisory and enforcement activities to promote compliance with electrical safety laws and standards
  • ¬†information, education and training activities to help reduce the risk of death and injury from electrocution, fire and explosion and improve electrical safety
  • managing registration, licensing, approval (electrical equipment) and accreditation regimes.

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Workers' Compensation Regulator

Responsible for regulating the workers' compensation scheme, dispute resolution and providing education about the scheme. This includes:

  • monitoring the compliance and performance of insurers and deciding self-insurance applications
  • dispute resolution, such as reviewing insurers' decisions, managing appeals against the Regulator and supporting the efficient administration of the Medial Assessment Tribunal¬†
  • providing information and education to stakeholders to ensure a fair and efficient scheme that balances the needs of workers and employers and facilitates return to work after an injury.

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Industrial Relations

Responsible for supporting improved productivity and fairness in Queensland workplaces, providing:

  • advocacy, advice, and support to government agencies, including government owned corporations, on public sector industrial relations matters and bargaining
  • policy, legislation and research advice on state and national industrial relations matters
  • compliance and information services on Queensland's industrial relations laws for state and local government, long service leave, child employment and trading hours
  • licensing and compliance services to protect vulnerable labour hire workers and promote the integrity of the labour hire industry in Queensland.

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Last updated 07 August 2018