OIR RTI disclosure log

The Office of Industrial Relations (OIR)’s disclosure log provides the information that has been released in response to requests made under the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) (RTI Act), where they do not contain the applicant’s personal information. It contains a description of the information released, and, where possible, a link to the relevant documents.

Some documents may have details removed, or pages that are blank due to redactions through the decision making process or after deleting information under section 78B of the RTI Act. Please note that blank pages will not be published to the disclosure log.

Under section 78B of the RTI Act, the following information will not be published on the disclosure log:

  • publication is prevented by law;
  • may be defamatory;
  • would invade an individual's privacy;
  • confidential information;
  • would reveal information protected from disclosure under a contract; or
  • would unreasonably cause substantial harm to an entity.

Documents are published in PDF format. If you require a copy of this information in a different format, please email rti [at] oir.qld.gov.au.

Disclosure log by year

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Last updated 11 January 2022