Submissions - Investigation into Proposed Christmas Eve Part-Day Public Holiday

The following submissions were made in response to the Government’s proposal for a part-day public holiday for Christmas Eve (24 December).

00001 Leah Malzard I am 100 % behind this  Christmas is about families. If you are working over the Christmas eve period you should be compensated 
This is more important than ever when the government is taking away penalty rates
By making a public holiday workers will be protected 
00002 Cassandra Leigh As someone who worked in the retail industry for 10+ years and was often given no choice but to work until sometimes midnight on Xmas Eve to set up for Boxing Day sales (usually without pay), this is a great and necessary move for workers rights.
I support it wholeheartedly. Thank you for putting forth the proposal. 
00003 Christine So I think this is a fantastic idea & would love for it to be implemented.
I would change one thing... make it starting from 5pm, not 6, to enable travel time & a quick shower/change of clothes before a 6.30pm Christmas Eve dinner. 
00004 Carey Kapetanakos The stores have NO STAFF as it is! Why are you trying to risk the few people that have these jobs their jobs!
00005 Paul Saunders Being a shift worker in Emergency in a busy Qld hospital. Holiday times like Christmas Easter school holidays etc are  shared  over the staff ratio which means staff miss out on that family time.  I think it is a great idea to make Christmas eve a public holiday because many staff come from other countries who celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve. Also sharing Christmas for divorced and separated families sharing the Christmas celebrations over the Christmas period.
00006 Anonymous
00007 Adrian Booth I wish to express my support for the proposed public holiday for 6pm Christmas Eve. As an employee who at times is required to work on Christmas Eve and miss out on time with family, I encourage the move to more adequately remunerate those who assist others on these important days.
Whilst I may not have addressed specific points or framed this response in the preferred method, i do wish to demonstrate what i believe is wide spread support of adequate remuneration by way of public holiday penalties by stakeholders such as workers and those affected by working at important times such as Christmas Eve.
I look forward to the implementation of this initiative.
00008 Amie Rose Submission00008. pdf
00009 Lynda Mills Anyone working after 6pm Xmas eve deserve penalty rates and ALL retail centres and supermarkets  should be CLOSED by 6PM !!!

Work / Life balance for Australia
00010 Ale Challagulla Yes we would love if 24th is a public holiday so my hubby can be with us
00011 Bethany Chambers Yes pls
Make it a holiday. I need my husband to help put together the presents  
00012 Kay Barker Yes yes long overdue retail workers have families too, my only objection is that the entire day should be a public holiday Greg and Kay barker
00013 Lawrence Mason This is a shameless attempt at vote buying.
I am 100% against the idea; there are already a number of holidays over Christmas and New Year and we don’t need any more.
Please do not do this.
00014 Deanne Valenti Yes, I do agree. That Christmas Eve should be considered a Public Holiday.
Christmas Eve is more important to our family than Christmas Day.
Europeans all celebrate Christmas Eve.
Though I think it should be the whole day. Starting from a certain time, I think could be confusing. 
00015 Anonymous  
00017 Augusto Contessotto This is very narrow minded.
How does it apply to Atheists and non-Christians and those who don’t believe in Christmas? Why should they receive additional benefits?
If those who do follow Christianity and observe December 25 as Christs birthday then they have the option not to work on Christmas Eve provided they are not from essential services.
Your suggestion is another ridiculous idea that has not been given appropriate thought
00018 Anonymous  
00019 Tim Wright ACCM MAICD Submission00019. pdf
00020 Debbie Hodder Is NSW going to be included in this..  I think it's a great idea as many retail workers are forced to work Xmas eve because it is seen as a normal working day..  Staff at Woolworths, Coles,  and other supermarkets aren't given a choice
00021 Andrew Aschman Submission00021. pdf
00022 Cameron Currie Submission00022. pdf
00023 John Reid I do like the idea of a partial public holiday for Christmas Eve, however I think a 6:30 or 7:00 pm start time would be more practical. Many retail businesses close at 6pm to they public but still need staff to close up, count till etc, and I think it's better if they don't need to pay penalty rates for this function.
00024 Andrew Jackson If Christmas Eve is to be a public holiday make sure that this is reflected in shop closures. Only Exempt Shops should be able to trade Non-exempt shops should be closed or as a minimum pay employees Double Time all day. Shops that do trade on public holidays should charge a public holiday levy on goods sold.
We have become far too dependent upon shops being open 24 hours a day. 
00025 Henry Honner (Fairfield Compliance) Submission00025. pdf
00026 Simon Wallace Queensland already has more than enough public holidays and it would be folly to add one more, especially at a time when we need to improve productivity.
I propose that any proposed holiday (such as Christmas Eve) be in substitution for one of the existing ones, not in addition to them.
00027 Yvonne Woolley If it is going to pass it is the most dumbest idea yet she needs to do the whole day at least the whole week off would be great 
00028 Brad Heys I work day shift in warehousing and feel this should be passed. Although I will not not be affected personally for the shift side of things. I think this affects a lot of people who give up the right to see husbands, wife’s, children and so on.  From areas like Police, Fire Brigade, Ambulance and so on just to name a few.

So many give there time on this evening to help others when they miss time with family to do so
00029 Christine Marsh Just common sense everyone wants to be Home with their families
00030 Smaragthi Malos Christmas Eve as a public holiday speaks volumes of getting back to family values in this fast society.Great,great,great idea!!
00031 Anonymous  
00032 Gwen Fraser To be able to spend Chistmas Eve with my family on Christmas eve and share this time preparing for a special Chritmas day is priceless. No money can make up for the lost time with my family. If people are required to work during this time they should receive special rate of pay to do so.
00033 Anonymous & nbsp;
00034 Amanda Schultz In the past I’ve worked to 8 pm Christmas Eve to do the sale set up. Businesses having to pay penalty rates will ensure workers get home to their families earlier.
Hopefully it will also discourage businesses from wanting to say open longer on Xmas Eve. Retail workers deserve to spend time with their families.
00035 Steven O’Neil The proposal for a part day Christmas Eve public holiday is very welcome to long suffering retail workers and warehouse workers in the retail supply chains.
Christmas Eve evening is a very important time for families, especially those with children as the excitement and anticipation around this evening is a really special and exciting part of Christmas. 
In my experience in the supply chain part of retail, this period of 6-12pm on Christmas Eve is very quiet anyway as stores have already been supplied and employees are staying at work basically marking time when they should be at home with family.
The huge benefits for families surely outweighs any small inconvenience for the retail sector and I hope that this time will be set aside for families.
00036 John Poon Despite The NRA stated that by making Xmas Eve as a public holiday would cost the industry too much, they have forgotten the human factor in the equation as not everything is based on dollar and cent. NRA would come out to spruik the cost every time when we, poor retail workers, wanted a pay rise and I don't think any of those people would be working until 9pm on Xmas eve.
There are many good reasons to make this a public holiday:
1: People can travel to see their family and friends so that they can be together on Christmas Day. To some people that is the only time of the year when they get together.
2:More money to spend if we get a little more in our pay packet from this penalty rate should anyone wishes to work.
3;Refresh ourselves as leading to Xmas is often rather hectic, we don't want to sleep Xmas away. Good for our well being.
4:Church Services.
5:More time to prepare for Xmas.

We also should get back the day off if the roster day off falls on the public holidays. How is this fair if one's day off is on the public holiday and not being compensated for it with time off in lieu? Once again NRA.
00037 Michaela Benefield Christmas Eve is about excitement for a majority of people and a hectic night for parents and caregivers especially, because there the ones who have to make the next day one to remember. That’s 1 reason for this public holiday a second would be for the people who do work past 5pm, those people work hard for what they have, and sometimes have to do a shift to support there families/others, who are awaiting the next day. Everything the night before Christmas is busy especially those who have to/want to work. These public holiday pay rates and right to refuse work laws would  help many if not all Australians lift the stress and anxiety off the following day, as well as mean the world to many people for a range of different reasons. I hope for the sake of everyone who needs it, that this gets passed. 
00038 Anonymous  
00039 Ann- Marie Johnson Honestly it will make no difference to me personally as I finish work by 2pm on Xmas Eve as I work in the bakery. Also Woolworths closes at 6pm now anyway. Maybe a bonus for nightfillers?
00040 Brett carpenter With regard to proposal for Christmas eve to be a public holiday, from the position of a afternoon shift worker who would be finishing at 9.45 pm, this change would mean for the first time in 21 years, other than Christmas falling over a weekend,  i would be home with family and not at work, and tired the next day. This proposal would be fantastic for all shift workers.
00041 Lenard Schmidt I want to be able to not have to work on Christmas Eve, too many years I have worked in retail and hospitality and have had to work every Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve for as long as I can remember. What this means is that I get home late at night and therefore don’t get to enjoy the morning with the family, or have to get up early and be tired from lack of sleep. Also my friends that don’t have to work hold parties that I never get to attend due to my having to work. Having the right to not work without penalty or get compensated for working is what I would like to make my time feel valuable.
00042 Warren Jack Yes want the Christmas eve public holiday 
00043 Cathy Smith Having a public holiday from 6pm Xmas eve would be great. It would enable me more time to travel to NSW to visit my son at this wonderful family time of the year.
00044 Rhonda Jenner Christmas Eve a public holiday from 7 pm would be excellent to spend time with family if this happens this year it will be the first one I’ve had home with family for 8 years , yes plead 
00045 Anonymous  
00046 Scott Barrett Hi. As a Site manager in a 24 hour/365 day operation, a Christmas eve public holiday is a terrific proposal. 2 examples are if team members decide to work that special family time, then they should be rewarded extra. Also to fill or find team members to work that shift can be difficult, especially if there is a dropout and it all comes back on the site manager on Christmas eve because no-one wants to work it. 
00047 Brett Singleton Hi. I've been a afternoon shift worker for the past 25yrs. As a shift worker you sacrifice a lot of quality family time. The Christmas Eve part day public holiday will be fantastic for people like myself. 
00048 Michael Kafcaloudis As I member of the SDA. I wish to support the move to make Christmas Eve between 6pm-12 a public holiday.
00049 Chris Robinson It is a good idea what you need to bring back is getting an extra day off for the ones that the public holidays fall on their rostered days off as they are with me Christmas Eve and Christmas day are RDO's
00050 Thomas Carr I personally don't work Christmas Eve but I strongly agree that it should be made a public holiday from 6 pm as I have many family n friends who do work it. After working hard all year this is one of the most special times of the year for everyone to be together and celebrate everything that Christmas is about. Not to mention the joy it brings to all the children to have loved one's there before the big day. So please consider this as a YES to the public holiday it would never be a wrong decision.
00051 Sevim Tame Memories of many Christmas days still haunt me today,as I am just too tried from work the day before, as a mother and wife, food prep and shopping falls on my shoulders and I shudder at the thought of Christmas day, maybe this year having Christmas eve off, I may be able to enjoy it again
00052 Elizabeth Kettles As an employee of a supermarket chain I feel I need to weigh in on this Christmas Eve public holiday after 6.00pm.
I now have grown children but when my children were small I had to work till 9.30pm every Christmas Eve and New Years Eve and never spent time or saw the excitement on their faces.
I would come home from work then spent the rest of the night wrapping the last of the Christmas Presents, putting everything under the tree then had to prep for Christmas Day. I was too tired to enjoy Christmas.
I couldn’t enjoy time with my family and friends.
All stores should be made to close no later than 6.00pm. If I can managed to get my Christmas presents, shop and work full time everyone should be able to do the same.
What did our parents do when the shops closed for four days over Easter!!!
Hope this gives you some feed back on the employee’s side of things.
00053 Ray Hill Let's make sure we do this so  we cAn spend more time with our families on Christmas
00054 Jodie Warren sensible to classify after 6pm  christmas eve as a public holiday. not many  companies need to stay open. hospitals obviously should, but they also should be paid decently. sevice stations and perhaps a few others such as power stations and emegency services. other than that people deseve time off to spend with family. extra time to drive or relax will result in less speeding or driving tired on the roads and therefore less accidents. people will also be more relaxed and happier to return to work after a decent break period.
00055 Miranda Johnson I am all for christmas eve public holiday. My kids are grown up I have grandchildren now and would gladly work so others could be home qith there small children and family in preparation for christmas day
00056 Brian, Jacky and Katelyn Xmas eve should be a public holiday, so that we all get the opportunity to prepare either with travel or cooking and at night spending time with the family we won’t be having Xmas lunch or dinner with. As retail employees we should be compensated for not being able to do these things. Christmas Eve is nearly more important than actual xmas as I love watching the kids setup for Santa watching a Xmas movie reading a book putting on their special jammies the excitement of the expectation but not knowing what they are getting the next day so yes Xmas eve should be a public holiday
00057 Shannon Bartlett I, Shannon James Bartlett believe people should have the right to spend christmas eve with their families. f*** business who wish to cash in and deprive everyday working families of a special time of the year for families who sometimes only get together at this time of year. I’m sure the CEO”s and politicians will have plenty of time off and their over inflated pay check don’t give them any more rights than anybody else. We want and need this time with our families and if the business is run too inefficiently to compensate for this small amount of time then maybe they should look at how they do things and forfeit their time
00058 Nicole Kenzler We definitely need to get this one to pass. Christmas Eve Public Holiday between 6pm and midnight. This would mean so much to me and so much to everyone, including family, friends and colleagues! We need time to spend with our families and our friends and also that of our colleagues,  to do our own Christmas shopping and also don't forget to do our own Christmas cooking! Oh no and don't forget the last minute wrapping of presents. We need to be able to have some down time as well! So PLEASE PLEASE let this pass! WE NEED IT!!!!
00059 Greg Jenner I dont think we really need to say alot about the holiday its only fair that everybody gets to spend time with there family's  especially  Christmas  eve i bet you do and all your colleagues  wake up wankers
00060 Giulio Saggin Regarding making Christmas Eve a public holiday, the fact that the roads are a log-jam on Christmas Eve is indication enough that people are either preparing for Christmas Day or travelling to be with their family. It might only be a few hours, but making Christmas Eve a public holiday makes complete sense.
00061 Ngaire Melhop Everybody deserves the right to spend Christmas Eve with their families, loved ones, spiritual groups, etc - And this includes retail workers - some of Australia's hardest working, lowest paid employees. Those who are required to work at this time, deserve to be compensated for it through being paid at Public Holiday rates.
It was fantastic to hear the QLD Government announce that 6pm to Midnight Christmas Eve has now been declared a public holiday. However, I was disappointed to hear that this ruling is now being contested by groups including The National Retail Association.
Christmas / Christmas Eve is a very important time for Australian families. The importance of people having the opportunity to spend time with their families on Christmas Eve, far outweighs the benefits to companies, CEOs, Shareholders, etc of a few extra dollars in their pockets
00062 Sawan Hunt I am writing in support to change Christmas Eve to public holiday hours so that families can be together.
Family time should always be a priority over shopping!
If individuals are made to work these hours they should be compensated financially to do so.
Not every family has the luxury of being nuclear. Children and loved ones are shared over different people.
As a nation we should be compassionate not discriminatory, and the government needs to front that charge
00063 Jeanette Fordham I am a Coles employee who works at night filling shelves.  Having xmas eve allotted as a public holiday means that I can spend the evening at home with my family.. my children are 13 and 15, even though they are not young kids, a tradition of ours is to sit and watch the Melb xmas carols on tv together before we go to bed.  It gets us all into the spirit of xmas and I am not too tired come xmas day in preparing food for other family members that will pop in throughout the day
00064 Robyn Frizzell I owned a Newsageny in the 80’s and 90’s and we worked 7 days a week and right up to late Christmas Eve doing reports for paper quantities and deliveries.  We would get home exhausted from the build up to Christmas unable to do a thing because of exhaustion.  Our families could not enjoy us and we could not enjoy them in celebrations.  Retailers work extra hard leading up to Christmas and they should have the right to go home and enjoy the festive season with family like office workers and the like.  Australian retailers are too consumed about the almighty dollar and not about lifestyle for their employees who are unfortunately in this day and age are only a number
00065 Tracey Higgins I believe it is important to spend time with family and friends on xmas eve. It is also a time to catch up on preparing food for xmas day. Family and friends are of great importance this time of the year. Please take this into consideration
00066 Magda Zentai I am supporting the SDA and the Qld Government decision of having Christmas Eve as a public holiday after 6.00 pm.
When will retailers stop been so greedy that no.matter what is the occassion they want to trade.
Before we had ,7 days trading retailers made profit the same way as now with stretched out shopping hours and days.
We should follow Eastern European other Western countries where Christmas Eve is celebrated and shops close in midday and stay closed for 3 days.
No one dies of hunger and no one complains about the trading hours.
It's a tradition and this would be very beneficial in our country where the distances are great for people to reach their families and celebrate together the most important event of the calendar
00067 Steven Barber The sadest thing I've ever heard was a 85 yr old Grandmar crying at my checkout because she was going to be alone all Christmas because all of her children and grandchildren had to work it's not right to put this stress on families 
00068 Sarah Billingham Christmas Eve is essential family time and must be thought of in that way for all. We go to family in Canberra (from the Gold Coast) every second year. (Or try to) The only time we get to travel there is on Christmas Eve to be there on Christmas Day. On the opposite year Christmas Eve is my only time to prepare Christmas breakfast & lunch for the next day.
Christmas can be a terrible time for us in retail. In the past years often you don’t want anything to do with Christmas because its so busy. That doesn’t make it very pleasant for our children.
I’d like to see the public holiday be from 5pm or earlier
00069 Mihaela Moscu Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve means a lot to me and my family. We only get Christmas and New Year's Eve once a year and it's family time that's the way I grew up and that's how we always spent this time of the year.
Christmas brings family together and creates more bonding with family members.
I will appreciate to have this time off and be marked as Public Holiday, as workers will  have the opportunity to have time off to spend Christmas Eve with family and friends or for religious or cultural reasons
00070 Lomia Seliga First of all I would like to give thanks to Our Heavenly Father for His blessings and to The SDA UNION and all tose who helped throughout this process.
This means a lot to me and my family as we can spend this time together, and be able to attend to Christmas church services. Not forgetting the presents and food preparation also family gathering and a very special time to spend with your family and extended family. A lot of time we get caught up at work and stuff but we forget that our kids and families needs to spend time with us too. God bless the SDA which is my Union and all of you
00071 Tim Chant I make my submission in favor of public holiday Christmas eve. I would like the option of  declining work Christmas eve to spend quality time around this season  with family
00072 Sharon Faulkner My name is Sharon Faulkner and for the past 18 years have worked for Woolworths as a nightfiller. In the past we have had to work into a public holiday without any extra money because the shift is not classified as a Public Holiday. This has ment that I have had to work until 3 or 4 am Christmas morning without any extra money. I haven't been able to go to midnight mass unless it falls on my day off. As I work five nights this only happens every 7 years. A public Holiday would give me option of a night off. This problem goes for every public holiday we work into, including Good Friday , Anzac day Australia Day and Labor Day just to name a few, it's very hard to enjoy Christmas with my family due to lack off sleep, and it's not fair on us who do this year in year out. I think a public  holiday for Christmas Eve is something that should go ahead and ask that you consider this from a standpoint off what is fair, rembering that our work is not an essential service therefore we should at least be given the opportunity for a night off or public holiday rate if we wish to work
00073 Karen Moller I write in reference to Christmas Eve part  public Holiday. I believe this should be a public holiday from 6pm especially within retail where the opening hours of trade have increased over time which sees more staff expectations to work out of normal business hours. This impedes on work life balance and during social hours with family and friends. Those precious hours from 6pm on christmas eve are times that familys are making memories with children in preparation for santa, preparations for christmas day or any oppurtunity to rest.
These are important special times within the Australian generations and should be protected or at least compensated with penalty rates
00074 John Hewitt I have worked afternoon shift and have miss many family functions on xmas eve with my family and friends. I would hope that  I can  have the opportunity to enjoy my grand children at xmas eve. Has always been a family celebration
00075 Erica Kluver I am writing to express my support for this public holiday to recognise those in our community who have or need to work at this time and give up time with their family
00076 Richard Pond The only reason retailers want staff to work back so late before Xmas day is pure unadulterated GREEEEED. So I agree with making this time as public holiday
00077 Anonymous  
00078 Michelle Spillane Sent from my iPadi believe that their should be a public holiday  because like me and many other working mums  put on Xmas lunch for their large families  and friends that come over as well .and you need that time to pre prepare meals  and wrap presents  because like me I work full time so I don’t get a lot of time to get much done  or spend time with family  so it makes it a lot easier for me so I can get to spend some time with my family on Xmas day and believe me having that time helps 
00079 Christine Whitla My husband and I have 2 daughters that do not live with us - 1 of them being 6 hours travel from us.
I have worked for Woolworths for 18 years now and spending time as much quantity time and special occasions with family now is extremely important to me.
I have spent many years working extra hours at Christmas and over the whole Easter break, that I feel family first is now my priority.
There are thousands of employees that are in this same situation and it’s time that the workers were given a bit more consideration.
This is my submission to support the Christmas eve public holiday
00080 Karen Madders I support the Christmas Eve Part-Day public holiday because it would give workers the opportunity to have time off to spend Christmas Eve with family and friends or for religious or cultural reasons.
Also, workers will have the opportunity to decline work if they wish. Previously, they may have been required to work
00081 Kristine Dunn Many years ago the Christmas holiday period was 4 days. We all managed to organise ourselves around that. We could spend quality time with our families.
The money makers destroyed this time.
Family life has been under attack and this attack has been relentless.
I want family life restored.
I doubt very much the money makers are working on Christmas Eve.
Stop devaluing our right to family life.
My vote is YES to Christmas Eve being a closed to the public holiday.
I do not believe trading all hours is an attack on religious beliefs but it is one of the causes of family not being able to come together and relax.
00082 Ashley Pardey Submission00082. pdf
00083 Asha Wilson Submission00083. pdf
00084 Dusanka Andjic I support the Christmas Eve Part – day public holiday because
It’s opportunity to have time with family, or to travel which will have a positive impact on all of us.  As such we will be relax and enthusiastic to get back to work. Our contribution at work will be much higher….. simple because we won’t be thinking of family and how great it will be to be with them.
00085 Barry Shanahan Submission00085. pdf
00086 Anonymous  
00087 Colleen Gilbert Submission00087. pdf
00088 Cahill Park Sports They have come up with some shit in there time but this has topped it
00089 Rail Tram And Bus Union (Qld Branch) Submission00089. pdf
00090 Blackwater Country Club Submission00090. pdf
00091 Brad Flynn This is the one time when some of these businesses will recruit profit through higher sales, this will only penalise them and is not fair.
00092 Chris Macnaught the extra cost of it and the pressure it would place on small business particularly, and i think we have it pretty good already in terms of public holidays 
00093 Caroline Clarke I  think  it's  a good thing for all workers  to have  the choice  on whether  to work  on Christmas  eve.  I have  been  with  Woolworths  for 12 years  and worked most of the Christmas  eve's.  I have  also missed church  events  because  of  the  requirement  to  work and or been too tired to attend  these events. The requirement  to  work  had also  delayed me spending  quality  time with  family
00094 Northern Beaches Bowls Club Mackay Submission00094. pdf
00095 Richard Thomas All our amazing service people deserve to be recognised for the work they do when they should be with their families.
I am strongly in support of there being a part day public holiday introduced
00096 Michael Skeggs While I am not currently a Queensland resident, the introduction of a part public holiday would be a further reason to attract me and my family to resettle in QLD.
A commitment to values that recognise working after 6pm the night prior to Christmas should be an exception that is remunerated additionally demonstrate a state that is seeking to make a better environment for residents in the broadest way - allowing them time to spend with loved ones at a key time, and rewarding those who are unable to do so for their inconvenience.
Adding this benefit makes Queensland a more attractive place to visit and to live, and provides a balance against expanding mercantilism
00097 Andrew Bourke More cost to my small business. 
00098 Ryan Elson There is already too much pressure on small business from penalty rates. Enough is enough!! 
00099 Sharpn Riley Where do you draw the line? In general most people know the expectations around public holidays
00100 Anonymous  
00101 Linda Revill What do you do on Christmas Eve? Do you watch “carols in the domain “ with your family? Do have a Christmas Eve tradition of watching “ home alone “? Do you catch up with friends for a Christmas Eve drink? Does your culture mean that you exchange gifts on Christmas Eve? Do you attend a church service on Christmas Eve?
Anyone that has to miss any of the above because they have to work on Christmas Eve MUST be compensated with decent penalty rates!!!  
00102 Stafford Catholic Parish Submission00102. pdf
00103 John Orning No need for another Public Holiday, we need less. It especially hurt businesses that are open pen 24h/day will 
00104 Emily Gray The added cost to businesses (annual leave/public holidays) is already a burden, this policy will add to tis further 
00105 Ian Coulter An expense business and community cannot afford. We already have enough public holidays which affect business
00106 Ian Van Huenen This gives employees an opportunity to earn more wages at a time when they have more expenses
00107 Kym Wood No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00108 Robert Fowler This is another impost on business and an excessive cost 
00109 Max Bryant We cannot afford more cost on business 
00110 Trent Joseph I can afford to pay staff for anymore public holidays.  
00111 Gerald Downes These days are a financial impost on all business3s that make it unaffordable to trade and will result in employees losing shifts 
00112 Amanda Levitt It's NOT necessary.  If a business wants to send their staff home early on Christmas Eve that is their decision.  Businesses should not be forced to pay for hours not worked at what is the busiest time of the year and disrupt workflow with a "half day" - Productivity would be destroyed for the whole day.  How would we even manage staff who will most likely then request a "half day" of annual leave?  How could you ever justify a "Half Day Public Holiday"?  What a ridiculous concept.  JUST NO 
00113 Mark McKenna Putting so much pressure on an already under pressure hospitality industry
00114 Claudia Power It will cost businesses in Townsville who are already struggling.  We already have more public holidays than most of the rest of the world
00115 Christina Iin No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00117 Lynn Cook SMEs cannot afford more! 
00118 Scott Dixon No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00119 Mary Groundwater Not good for small business  
00120 Glen Macdonald These wage increases will need to passed onto our customers, as can't afford to endure such high wage costs.  
00121 Mary- Jane Trewin We have enough public holidays in Australia.  They are sending the country broke!!! 
00122 Sandra Wilkie The employment laws and obligations on employers is just riduculous - it is take, take, take.  I have many friends in small business and they say they only exist to pay government taxes and staff! 
00123 Quentin Kennedy  it will hurt small business 
00124 Lee Davies Just another day business has to pay penalty rates for no reason 
00125 Raeleen Robertson We already give this as an option but I don't think it should be mandatory
00126 Karen Davis Small business cannot afford it 
00127 Jennifer Savage Because it reduces potential earnings for small businesses, as well as customers missing out on services if businesses are shut down. 
00128 Cameron Klupfel This is a huge and unnecessary liability for small business. 
00129 Duncan Reddell No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00130 Paula Galloway Staff wages are already high.  
00131 Paul White There should be no weekends in this world just seven days the same 
00132 Errol Woolcott No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00133 Pauline Petzer No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00134 Zachary Bawden its dumb 
00135 Sara Dent We will just close our business to avoid the holiday which limits access for patients without paying a callout fee
00136 Lisa Larman It's a stupid idea, and will only be applicable to retail and hospitality 
00137 Craig Crozier Too many holidays. 
00138 Stella Misins very unnecessary 
00139 Klaus Misins we have enough, 
00140 Keegan Scott NO DON'T make it a public holiday.  We have enough weekend and holiday rates already.  Businesses will close on Xmas eve.  How will this help the economy, shutting down a massive shopping day.    
00141 Denis Mulheron it will send small businesses broke 
00142 Brendan Williams Unnecessary  
00143 David Kemp Extra cost burdens on businesses 
00144 Rhonda Richards It the day of year we have most staff work  
00145 Christian Huber There are neough public holidays, businesses need to be protected 
00146 Pankish Oberai Too much pressure on small business to run with the penalty rates 
00147 Kevin Annetts No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00148 Mervyn O'Neill Business cannot afford this expense  
00149 Anthony Viola Nice to have a holiday at someone else expense. It has not been earned. 
00150 Mandy Slade the cost to business and no way to recoup the additional charge if my staff worked, the cost of giving the staff the day off 
00151 Melissa Richens Small business will suffer 
00152 Steph Cowdroy No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00153 James Sowry Another cost burden reducing our ability to employee more staff 
00154 Mark Bawden We can't afford to trade if we are paying penalty rates for this day
00155 Michael Cameron It is totally unnecessary and an extra burden on business 
00156 Carlie Hatswell No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00157 Alyson Horne As a small business owner of 2 hospitality business, I can only work in one, and I usually do with my family on all public holidays open to close which can be from 6am to midnight some days there is not protection for small business who are struggling to meet cash flow for continual taxes and penalty rates etc which has forced me to reduce hours of trade and also less hours for more staff to meet demands during peak times but also not excessive payroll.  I would have to close my stores, yet being in a franchisee system, that is out of my control, so I would once again be hit with most likely a 60-70% payroll cost on those days, which I simply can not afford.  Life is extemely stressful as a small business owner as it is, this is just another knife in the back at the expense of the already overworked underpaid unprotected small business owner who is meant to act as a machine not a human!  So ridiculous, they think they are increasing income for those in retail, but instead it will lead to worse service and overall hours cut instead.  
00158 Christine Noske Another nail in the coffin for small business! 
00159 Ray Thompson Added cost to business 
00160 Sophie Pearson No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00161 Dianne Stevenson It should not be a gazetted public holiday.  You will find that a lot of employers let their staff leave early anyway.  Please Don't impose it on small business. 
00162 Caroline Dolan As a small business owner I dont want to lose a nother half day of productivity at a busy time of year.
00163 Daniel McDouall It's hard enough for small business without these extra costs.  
00164 Paul Hodgkinson No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00165 Lyndall Holloway We cannot afford it and will have to cut shifts/staff members 
00166 John Finter More than enough holidays over Christmas 
00167 Rebecca Gaspert I would have to close my business because I cannot afford PH wages.  We are in a shopping centre and every year we sell alot of gift voucher for Xmas on Xmas eve, if we close we will miss out on all those sales.  This is a terrible idea, we already have numerous PH's throughout the year, we don't need any more.  If staff want days off they can take extra holidays. 
00168 Robert Webb We already have to many public holidays 
00169 Scott Roberts It's my only Xmas shopping day 
00170 Dave Simo keep restaurants and bars open, with staff being rewarded for the time they work.  Focus on ensuring compliance with existing penalty rates, rather than introducing another regime where some will comply (or choose to close for the evening), and others will chose to run the gauntlet. 
00171 Des Lovett No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00172 Robyn Newman It is ludicrous to come up with this idea, does this government understand that small businesses just can't afford the costs associated with this - more state government payroll tax, more superannuation, more workcover premiums next year, does she want us to fail like she is currently doing.   The idea of this is absurd and will see more businesses close or go under She will not be their for her next term of parliament
00173 Peter Beck Do you really think we need yet another public holiday to make the labor party look good to their union mates 
00174 Janet Shackleton I don't believe that the day before should be a public holiday 
00175 Jane Taljaard No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00176 Danielle Beltramelli It will only force stores to close early and people will loose much needed shifts 
00177 Margaret Thresea Jankowski This is an important day for shops. Customers will be doing last minute shopping. The economy needs this financial boost.  
00178 Melissa Anderson The busiest day of the year for retail and business the additional costs to business is ridiculous  
00179 Naomi Chambers Just another burden on Business _ NO WAY 
00180 Giovanni Trolvi extra cost to employers  
00181 Alfio Barbera If businesses close due to high wages, it will disadvantage staff and clients.  
00182 Victoria Cotton Whose stupid idea was this? Have you actually SPOKEN to the people of Queensland? Casual employees who want and NEED the pre-Christmas shutdown hours to get them through the shutdown when they'll have none? What about the employers who take home less than their full-time employees and rely on the last FULL day's trading to cover the cost of public holidays and leave loading for those full-time employees? Ridiculous
00183 Tammy Halter Do we need yet another Public Holiday that is paid for my the many small businesses in Australia? We already allow our staff to take leave on Christmas Leave, of which everyone does
00184 Jenny Austin As a small business owner it is already a struggle paying for all the public holidays we already have as well as all the other employee entitlements! 
00185 Christopher Reardon Australia has enough public hoildays. We should champion the need to work more in this country. 
00186 Lloyd Payne I'm against this half day holiday on Christmas Eve. I am in business and will openly state that if such measure was to apply I would be shutting and standing the staff down anyway.  So there would be no penalty rates they would simply lose the hours.  The multinationals may be able to afford this and pass the costs on to consumers but a lot of small business operators will notnotable the staff will lose money anyway.  We already see more restaurants closing on public holidays or even earlier in the evening now in effort to avoid penalty rates.  It may seem noble for employees but the unintended consequences may be a much worse outcome for employees in service roles.  
00187 Jack Baxter Higher wages = higher variable costs for businesses = less employment = less productivity in peak retail periods. Poor policy. 
00188 Susan Gehrke The cost to businesses is too high 
00189 Tim Phillips We don't need another public holiday to go shopping. 
00190 Nick Czeperko The retail sector is already struggling financially without adding the additional burden of creating an extra half day public holiday!  
00191 John Rimmington Small business is doing it tough in our region. My undestanding is that we are not alone. One of the biggest threats to our viability is rising Government costs that are above inflcation. Foer example we have jusy-ty had a 5.6% Counmcil rates increase driven in large part by the implementation of a new way to calculate the Emergency Management Levy along with  
00192 Sean McEvoy I imposes additional cost on business. 
00193 Darren Ramm Small business can not afford another nail in the coffin. 
00194 Sean Juricic Uneconomical  
00195 Nevenka Clarke I agree with CCIQ. If people want a day off this can usually be arranged with the employer anyway or some other time can be given in lieu. Many employees like working on those days, especially if they are offered some incentives. Such incentives do not have to be legislated. 
00196 Jo Cleary I would like us to grow our way to being a smart, vibrant city with a healthy work ethic. 
00197 Cheryl Fulcher As long as employers seriously and fairly consider staff who may need to travel to be with family, I do not support making Christmas Eve a half  public holiday.  I know many who rely on any additional hours they can get to survive over the Christmas break.  
00198 Bryan West The reality is that this will cost us more money...we operate nationally, and if our staff are away then that not only reduces our competitiveness, it also costs us considerably more than the equivalent of 7 days pay for nothing that we would have to pay our 14 employees. 
00199 Jody walls Many smaller businesses will have to shut on Christmas Eve which will not only hurt them, but their employees and customers too.  Most things are closed anyway, and those that are open provide a valuable resource to workers and customers 
00200 Shen Lam Its an unnecessary additional cost for Small Business. How is the economy of QLD meant to grow during what is actually a very slow season for a lot of businesses?? QLD is a small business economy. And it can't sustain additional holidays as it is. Mum and Dad businesses are already stretched. 
00201 Terry Donnelly I would love this idea to be accepted. It would assist our family in attending Christmas mass.
00202 Tracey Stewart I work with small business to help them understand and meet their employer obligations and the majority are already struggling with workforce planning issues. This extra half day public holiday will cause more confusion and stress for small business
00203 Michael Ford Another penalty on businesses. 
00204 Charles Lazarus because people do prepare them selves before christmas and do not need extra time 
00205 Jane Erdis We transport Christmas freight right up to Christmas.  We have no choice but to work and this would mean we would be paying all of our staff higher rates to achieve what we need to do.  Who on earth came up with this nonsense?!! 
00206 Quentin McCarthy we have about 10 to many  
00207 Les Green  The burden of Public Holidays already weighs heaviliy on Business today. Please no more. 
00208 Jade Tanzil As a small business owner this will hurt our Christmas trade.  
00209 Jachin Navarro bad for business.  
00210 Luke Radunz The cost to business to pay people who are not at work is getting out of control. We do not need the extra cost and most consumers want business to be open right up until Christmas day
00211 Ashley Searle No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00212 Josh Milton  This causes our Business considerable inconvience as we have a intensive livestock business and feed for these aminals is on a regular basis and we find it very difficult to balance feed supplies out over long periods of public holidays  
00213 Paul Barfield Productivity 
00214 Melissa Crothers Another financial impact on small business which cannot be substantiated
00215 Robert Rodie either make it a normal working day or make it so no can open Christmas Eve, businesses can not afford an extra $137m  
00216 Suzanne Rath Christmas is already a horribly expensive time for everyone- particularly small business. Another paid public holiday increases this load greatly- at a time when, for my business, earning capacity is lower as staff all want to go away  
00217 Fiona Roberts  Not needed, will adversely impact business  
00218 Jeff Graham  This will add more costs as well as inconvenience to businesses. 
00219 Davina Perna We are a small Family Business - this day is our best day of trade and will hurt us and our staff who we won't be able to afford to give work on that day.  
00220 Darren Brent  Money for nothing! 
00221 Ken Roberts  Business is not a charity that simmers away whether staff attend or not. We employee people to actually do things and the business's survival depends on that exchange. The number of impositions relating to employment terms has skyrocketed in the past 10-15 years with NO added benefits to the business. Enough is enough ! 
00222 Aidan Corbley Small business is already under enough stress to meet ever increasing wages. Closing on christmas eve or having to pay penalty rates would cost my business dearly.  
00223 Karen Martin  We are already generous to staff.  They take public holidays on the due day or change it by request.  I already allow them to knock off early on Christmas Eve without penalties.  Our business requires us to have employees on call 24/7 and this just means that I will have to pay them more to do the same job. 
00224 Paul Lancaster We have to many public holidays now. When a person can produce twice the out come then maybe tgey deserve the rewards but maybe they were not working efficiently to start with. I  can't understand how any person can work  1.5 or 2 times harder to justify being paid that.  
00225 Angela Freeman  It is simple another ploy to win votes at the expense of business small and large.  It is reckless and places yet another impost on trading over this period.  Last year, by the time we paid for all the penalties, statutory holidays etc, it actually was not worth opening and the government does not realise this is one of the last times business gets before the big post Christmas downturn to get itself on track financially.  Easter due to all the new rules likewise was a financial flop. 
00226 Janelle McManus more increased penalty rates for employers, small business owners would have to work themselves or close. not right  
00227 Walter Nunn  Why make like more complicated. Is business not taxed enough?  
00228 Robert Price Unnecessary expense 
00229 Kate Turner No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00230 Jo Adamson  Most stupidest idea i have ever heard.  most employers let staff leave early and pay them a full day.  takes away that little incentive that employers do. 
00231 Cindy Merrick  Submission00231. pdf
00232 Dorothea Patrick  Cost to businesses.   
00233 Margaret Young Part public holiday is an extreme cost to business and makes no sense what so ever. If you are going to have a public holiday it should be a whole day for everyone's benefit or none at all. 
00234 Carolyn Cross It is an additional cost for small business to bear. We cannot afford this!! 
00235 Kathryn Luxford It is another cost to Business which is unnecessary.  Let it be handled as a case by case bases with each business and how they manage leave.. 
00236 Elizabeth Braid No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00237 Mark Cross  Small business cannot afford to pay for extra wages. We are doing it tough! 
00238 Dallas Watt not economic 
00239 Steven Cantrill Bad for small businesses  
00240 Marissa Shipley I am a small business owner - it is making it impossible to be profitable and will mean we will just have to employ fewer people. 
00241 David Baldwin Yet another cost to small business 
00242 Sarah Garth We need to increase business not hurt it. 
00243 Sharyn Putland Additional labour cost to small business. Does the governement ever work on the 24th or are you all on holidays anyway and don't live in the real world. 
00244 Robyn Booth  More money I have to pay out to my employees for not working.  We already pay enough public holidays 
00245 Paul Leisemann  Cannot afford this. 
00246 Graham Sayer We already have enough public holidays. Cost is too great.  
00247 Cathie Wilson  Two days in a row is enough. It's an absurd notion on so many levels, I don't even know where to begin. 
00248 Troy Allen  Small family owned restaurant and due to the massive cost in penality rates for public holidays we cannot afford to open on these days, another public holiday means one more day we lose income in an allready struggling industry.  
00249 Jeanette Bourne Hits small business  
00250 Jeff Slade  Retail need this day 
00251 Tony Shaw The penalty rates make providing the service unviable 
00252 Peppi Iovannella  No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00253 Ross Moller This is just excessive. Small Business just cannot afford. 
00254 Nicole Ovenden Its hard enough to make a living in small business and we are attacked by the governement, instead of all the penalty's put on us Help us all out Please 
00255 Leanne Appleton  In the Hospitality Industry we do not need to be paying penalty rates for another public holiday. 
00256 Leanne Jones  Additional wages businesses cannot afford 
00257 Kerry Pool I am an employer that would be affected 
00258 Hellen Ryan  Small and Medium sized private business will suffer with the burden of an additional public holiday. Profitability of being in business is dropping - don't add to it through poorly planned initiatives. 
00259 Joseph Marinov Productivity, Affordability,  
00260 Jolie Torpie It will cost our not-for-profit more money that we cannot afford. 
00261 Graham Lambourne Yet another cost to business, that cannot  
00262 Chris Upton  Why do we need another public holiday???? 
00263 Peter Piccone  es will lose hours because our business will not nightfill that night at public holiday rates .  
00264 Casey Ninnes  Harm small businesses 
00265 Tim Shalders The additional cost to business 
00266 Laurence Cristante No need for it, you can close up early if it suits you
00267 Saul Cockburn No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00268 Howard Leisemann  Rural Industry - livestock live and are tended for 365 days a year so the more days staff are available without penalty the less the impost on the Primary Producer. 
00269 Rose Lawless  Not good for business growth & some casual employees would miss out on pay as business will not be able to afford the extra penalty rates 
00270 Jenny Hayes  We have enough public holidays as it is 
00271 Sharon Harris Unnecessary costs to employers at a time when most employers are already bound to pay higher labour costs or close as they must give employees leave. 
00272 Bronwyn Armstrong because it hurts small business  
00273 Damien Connors As a hospitality venue owner if this was introduced we will just close for the day...yet another day of trade income..public holiday rates on top of payroll tax and the 3% wage increase is making it increasing difficult for small-medium hospitality business   
00274 Patrick Navin  Additional costs with no opportunity to recover these costs  
00275 Darren Siemsen It should be the decisuon of the employee and employer 
00276 Carl Brookes  The penalty rates on all public holidays guarantee a day of financial losses whilst attempting to satisfy consumers desire for us to be open on Public 
00277 David Bobbermen Christmas Eve is the busiest day of the year for us and is a rare opportunity for small business retailers to balance the books 
00278 Jayne Evans  Christmas closures are painfully long as it is. Christmas is one day. In rural places, businesses can already be closed for up to 3 weeks. Another public holiday will only benefit big chain stores. Small business will suffer.  
00279 Tricia Duncalfe Believe it should be an early finish - not 9p.m. closing for retail 
00280 Kayleen Arnold It will put an extra strain on our economy.  
00281 Alex McCormick Palaszczuk is crazy - Queensland retail is going backwards and she wants to chop one of the busiest days of the year in retails - we need to sack the government quick
its retail suicide - sack the goverment 
00282 David Webster just means less jobs and more cost to small business 
00283 Clint Corbett We are in Small Business and believe that a designated Public Holiday on Xmas Eve will have a negative impact on our business 
00284 Derm Guerin People should only be entitled to be paid for the time they work. 
00285 Buffie Scott  Hospitality Businesses should not have to pay penalty rates for the busiest times in Hospitality trade. Its like office workers getting penalty rates between the hours of 9-5 monday to friday. 
00286 Lisa Gofton  Another crippling cost to small business.  It is already taken by very many employees on application. 
00287 Angela McDonald This will negatively impact business trade at a particularly busy time in our sector. A further public holiday also places additional strain on us as a small business. Small business is supposed to be the back-bone of the economy, but with uncommercial decisions like this feel like we are being thrown to the wolves. 
00288 Chris Cannard Completely unnecessary  
00289 Lance Hicks 3 Consecutive Public holiday penalty days will eother cost to much to my business or i will need to close for 3 days 
00290 Sarah Fitzgerald  You already have access to make arrangements to choose to work or not. So a public holiday is not needed. If they were going to restrict trade (esp retail) in an effort to create “family & community” time then I would be in favour for extra pay for the essential services staff.  
00291 Josh Cockburn We already give staff a lot of time off and there are enough public holidays. It is bad for retail business also as they would have to pay staff more around the busiest time of the year.
00292 Rachel Yang Cost too much and we already have general policy to workers compare with rest of world. 
00293 Alison Ahern a normal day becomes T1/2 for half of it! madness! 
00294 Jane Quinn Cost involved - businesses need staff on one of the busiest days of the year 
00295 Rosie James It penalises businesses, employees and customers 
00296 Jason Garland Additional Restrictions that affect the QLD Business owners 
00297 Warren Davies  Hurts small business. If staff want as leave they can take as leave 
00298 Reg Shepheard no public holiday needed, just legislate new Xmas eve restricted work hours, in public and family interest 
00299 Lyn Gregson  Small business can’t afford more public holidays 
00300 Andrew Pearce Public holidays are a nightmare for business, they reduce opportunities for people to work as companies cant afford to pay teh penalty rates. Business loses a days trading and yet their expenses do not reduce    
00301 Donna Rogers it will not have the effect they are thinking - some small business will actually close and staff will require to take holiday time instead.  The penalty rates will not be worth it to smaller retailers who will normally need to have extra staff on hand already for last minute Xmas rush.  They have not thought this through and are in salvage mode 
00302 Mary Mohun I am a small business owner (retailer) we  are struggling to survive in this sector as it is.   We are already paying penalties over this period. Our stores  are being used as the   "trying on room" for the internet which does not have to deal with the same expenses of staff. There are vacant shops in every CBD in the country, that should be evidence enough that Retail is dying
00303 Melody Cornish  No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00304 Inez Corfield  Business is tough enough as it is why bring in a law that will hurt businesses and employees even more! 
00305 Keoni Kidner extra costs for businesses 
00306 Brendan Bassa employees will ultimately be disadvantaged by this, we already let our employees go, if you dont want to work they day before take it off as leave or find a different job that suits the lifestyle you want. Small business keeps getting hammered and the owners end out being the losers 
00307 John Hallam  Business owners find it hard enough to get staff already,a public holiday would increase costs and reduce service to customers. 
00308 Jude Kerrigan  No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00309 Shirlee Luciani  There are already penalty payments in place for employees who work shifts 
00310 Noel Ambler Just another impost placed on small business, by people who have never been in business and have absolutely no idea of the stresses and costs involved.  
00311 Antony Sachs  No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00312 Robyn Sayer Cost to small business too high and we already have too many public holidays. Cut out Labour Day!  
00313 Suzanne Walker I do not understand the reasoning - is it supposed to be about the money or as the Premier says - "It would ensure workers have the right to have Christmas Eve off as a public holiday just as they do for Christmas Day," Why not have the same rules for everyday if that is the case? It unfairly affects those areas that must be operating at that time of the day. 
00314 Graham Packer Totally unnecessary 
00315 Mark Bignell Costs too much for struggling small businesses. 
00316 Brett Saunders  The Government's own figures show it will cost businesses up to $137M every year 
00317 Stephen Moodie It will cost business too much, not only this, but most businesses wont even be able to open and therefor not employ staff that day!  
00318 Kathryn Mansfield Too many Public Holidays already. In an Anti-Christian Society, why would an Anti-Christian Government choose another Public Holiday celebrating a Christmas Festival which will cost Casual Workers shifts when they can ill afford the loss of Earnings. 
00319 Geraldine Sayre No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00320 Heidi Walker It is completely unnecessary and actually penalizes the employee
00321 Norman Kemp I am against Christmas Eve as a Public Holiday,  some employers rely on staff being at work so that others can go out and enjoy themselves, the state government can't even give all of their employees the time off, we still need the emergency services staff to work. Most employers who can let staff go early as a minimum and close early or grant an extra day off without the interference of the state government 
00322 Jon Larsen I don't think a half day makes any sense, there is already 2 days at Christmas, will cost jobs.... 
00323 Luke Turner we simply can't afford this additional expense the industry is becoming so hard we don't need another expense 
00324 Kelly Mercer No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00325 Kylie Jackson  Businesses are likely to incur a surcharge for purchases to accommodate for the penalty rates that will apply for anyone who works on a public holiday, this will deter shoppers who need to use this vital shopping day where they live/work in regions where extended shopping hours are not always offered. There is no proven economic benefit to communities or businesses and in some circumstances the increased costs to employing staff, businesses have decided to shut the doors resulting in job losses 
00326 John Seymour Do not see the reason for change. 
00327 Lesley Shaw She can shop early in the year like th rest of us organised people.  Is she going to pay us to close our doors for the day. 
00328 David Tupper It will kost the industry too much and be disruptive. 
00329 Ruth Von Pein This will increase the cost of meals and services 
00330 Joanne Hasted Small business is a big deal 
00331 Elyse McNeil Too expensive for business 
00332 Julie Harris No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00333 Jason Meikle  This is bad policy leave the holiday as is 
00334 Michael Avery We struggle to cover public holidays  
00335 Terance Hunter I can't stay open. Enough is enough! 
00336 Nicole Rechenberg We provide an essential 24 hour service and are unable to shut down on Christmas Eve.  We cannot on-charge this to customers as they pay a fixed rate for the service. Our shift rosters are rotating 3 day on 3 days off, so staff are aware years in advance when they will work the Christmas period, so we are unable to tell them not to come in so we can work this ourselves to save money on wages as they will still be entitled to be paid the public holiday. This is an un-required cost of an additional 200% on wages, when we also still have to pay penalties for the other gazetted public holidays. This was a year where we were going to have a small decrease in wages over the Christmas period as the public holidays fall mid week. We will now have to absorb any addition penalty wages if this public holiday goes ahead which is a strain on our business in the current economic market.
00337 Dominic McCarthy  No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00338 Scott Bretag Because this is the busiest time of the year and we cannot afford to shut even for a half day. Also we cannot physically afford to pay all our staff for another holiday!! if the government wants this in then they can pay it themselves, stop trying to destroy buisnesses that are employing the australian workforce. 
00339 Brendan Croft  Cost to business and the accessibility of shops if they're closed on Christmas Eve in a regional town would make this time of the year even more stressful for people
00340 Islamic Council of Queensland  Submission00340. pdf
00341 Judy Plath  As a business we cannot afford to pay public holiday penalty rates, so, as a result, our 10 staff miss out on wages every time we have a public holiday (we have opened twice on Easter Sat for 4 hours, but we won't continue that next year as it's not viable). This proposal will rob my staff of more wages. I have some staff who are not religious and who do not worry about religious institutions and who are very happy to work over the Easter/Christmas period, but currently they miss out of a lot of work due to the public holidays already in place. Introducing another public holiday will only detriment them further. 
00342 Leanne Bull  As an employer between Public Holidays, Annual Leave, Weekends, Personal Leave, LSL, time out for training, time wasted, there is just not enough productive work hours. Adding another day that employees expect to have off will put more stress on the small business person that is often already working extra hours to make up for what is already there 
00343 James May Cost to small business to high 
00344 Julie Ardrey Im a small business owner that struggle to pay wages now. 
00345 Tricia Cross It puts too much stress on businesses that are already struggling.   in our area unemployment are already well above the average and this will only increase this problem 
00346 Teneale Taylor  Small business is already getting beaten by big corporates. They aren’t going to. Care about the added costs at this time of year. But it hurts small business and our employees. Less small business, less jobs.  
00347 Helen Brunner If employees want the day off they have leave that they can apply for. We don't need another public holiday 
00348 Kathy Farren-Price No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00349 Suzi Taylor  We are a small business that cannot afford to pay staff to take leave and the workload that still needs to be completed so it means I have to do the work myself, no point having a dog and barking myself !! 
00350 Sharon Parker This is when I don all my Christmas shopping and there would be a chance that some of the smaller stores would be closed. 
00351 Peter Brackstone Unnecessary adverse impact on local businesses 
00352 Ashlea Giles  Extra costs and loss of earnings for small business  
00353 Linda Tindale I am a small business owner and can't afford it. 
00354 Craig Leith Becasue it will increase costs to business. People can choose not to work if they so wish. 
00355 James Anderson  We are struggling to keep staff employed now this will only increase costs when customers are increasingly wary of spending  
00356 Peter Clements  Cost to my business  
00357 Lisa Ritchie We have enough PH at this time, this is not supporting small businesses 
00358 Anne McDougall Would negatively affect business 
00359 Graeme Cunningham Being paid public holiday rates for a normal working shift impacts on SME's another burden from a Govt that places entitlement over hard work. 
00360 Redlands Sporting Club Submission00360. pdf
00361 Anonymous  
00362 Mark Cameron  We would have to close our business on Christmas Eve and lose another day of trading 
00363 Manjinder Singh Because it will cost my business 
00364 Sharon Aldridge  Added cost to businesses of all sizes, makes it harder to improve businesses. 
00365 Samantha Street We are a small business, we can't afford it - there are enough public holidays (too many in my eyes) 
00366 Geoff Barber This will cause a reduction in employment through not being able to afford to pay staff. 
00367 Rob Walker we small business are findind it hard enough now without more penalties 
00368 Jeff Jackson  The additional cost to the taxpayers for the public service employees and the additional cost to all employers 
00369 Jamie Lowe Costs to small business are already too high, Queensland tourism is already at a low
00370 Paul Pennington Ridiculous proposal unless the goal is close down more Qld businesses. 
00371 John Scales Another idiot law to intentionaly hurt small business @#$%^ 
00372 Kel McNamara Lots of our gas customers rely one us being open to get there last minutes supplies   
00373 Robert Palling If it happens it will destroy peopleslives that are working and trying to cope financially and the business that employs them  
00374 Greg Reinhardt  As a small business owner I cannot afford to have more public holiday costs imposed  
00375 David Kitchen There are plenty already.  Let the employers, in consultation with the staff,  decide whether staff should finish early or work through and then get a break that better suits them.   
00376 John Wilson  we will definately be forced to cut hours paid to staff and our family will have to work on our own, simply unaffordable to close, and to open with penalty rates more unafordable
00377 Jeff Ironside private enterprise cannot afford this thought bubble by the state government. 
00378 Eileen Lockett This will severely impact our business, we are a large hospitality provider in a remote location, we do not have casual staff that we can just call in to cover extra PH shifts. 
00379 Mary McCormick  A public holiday on Christmas Eve would be disastrous for business particularly for retailers that are already struggling and depend on Christmas trading right through to Christmas Day. 
00380 David Coleman  The costs on small business are already excessive. To bring in more cost such as a Christmas Eve public holiday could be what ends some businesses. This is just another unfair cost on SME`s. 
00381 Mac Assaad  Christmas Eve is a Meaningful from all perspective as it is a symbol for all Christian which give hope of life when all family gather together to celebrate the unity of the Body and the meaning of the Family 
00382 Dorine Pantacchini Many small buisnesses will have to close on this day which will impact on staff wages or they may have to charge customers more to make up for penalty rates they have to pay which isnt fair either 
00383 Leona Mirtschin The extra cost to small business in PH rates.  Plus who will come in to work for 1/2 day only? Staff will take the whole day off work so again not just half a day lost but a whole day.
00384 Nicholas Cossich There is already an entitlement to take leave on this day should one choose. 
00385 Michael Siwek Just another cost to employing staff  
00386 Suzanne Greentree As a small business we cannot afford more public holidays 
00387 Paul Mimnaw Our busiest time of year so would mean paying penalty rates & increased costs at a time when we are notmaking any profit. 
00388 Elvira Sharipova It will hurt casual employees; force some business to close and not allow some busy customers to finalise shopping before Christmas 
00389 Steven Layne Economy can't afford it 
00390 Lynne Guatieri It will financially penalise a lot of people. 
00391 Max Pantacchini This would disadvantge our our Business hugely - we would have to close on Christmas Eve! Can you imagine a Seafood Market having to close on Christmas Eve? How terrible for our loyal customers & a days less pay for our staff! 
00392 Aaron Cockings Makes no sense for last minute shoppers and only harms businesses and customers 
00393 Sharon Gowlett waste of time 
00394 Danielle Webb The detrimental effect on businesses and their employees. Australia doesn't need any more public holidays, we have it pretty easy as it is. 
00395 Dale Cramer No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00396 Peter Worboyes needless additional cost to business 
00397 Daniel Erbacher We already have enough public holidays 
00398 Annette Watts Dont need any more PH's. As a small business employer it's hard enough now to pay staff at the higher rates and afford to keep the business open. 
00399 Alana Sciacca No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00400 Colin Parker I don't believe tyhe country can afford to do it. We all need to work more to get this country out of the debt  
00401 G Davis Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00402 Unknown Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00403 Unknown Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00404 Matthew Lind Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00405 Grant Vine Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00406 Thomas Benfield Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00407 Donovan Geddes Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00408 Jonathan Parlour Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00409 Luke Armstrong Submissions00401-00500
00410 Emma Dixon Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00411 Amy Walters Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00412 Carmelo Solano Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
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00416 Alexandra Bass Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00417 Julie Headlam Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00418 Greg Simpson Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00419 Deb Hanson Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00420 Grace Bell Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00421 Lynette Bowen Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00422 Muchelle Levin Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00423 Ellen Breswick Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00424 Lucy Rolley Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
00425 Sandra McCullough Submissions 00401-00500.pdf
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00501 Colin Parker I don't believe tyhe country can afford to do it. We all need to work more to get this country out of the debt
00502 Carol Single This Government is totally out of touch with reality and the costs in wages alone for small family businesses, especially when we are on call 24/7 to emergency services, Ergon etc and already pay double for wages for a lot of our call outs. Unimpressed.
00503 Murray Aitchison I do not think it is necessary. To make it a public holiday would require business to pay penalty rates.
00504 Stephen Love This proposal will only benefit big businesses who have already negotiated these penalty rates through their EBA's. Small business, once again will suffer. The governments on both sides claim that small businesses are the engine room of the economy, however these decisions will only hurt the businesses that can least afford it.
00505 Dennis Daly impost on costs
00506 Irene Goot If people want the afternoon off, they will take it as a public holiday. It will make it extremely difficult for very small businesses to make the most of the last minute Christmas shopping and the holiday season is getting more difficult for them with online shopping anyway.
00507 Ron Bower The entitlements of paid annual leave,sick leave and some 10 public holidays per year are considered to be more than adequate and any additional holidays will add to the risk of small business not being viable.
00508 Bill Hopton Too much additional cost and red tape to small business
00509 Henry Johnston There are too many public holidays already. It only hurts small business. I would just shut rather than be open.
00510 Suzanne Vary Small business people just can not afford this.
00511 Steven Spina The proposed change is not necessary and represents an impost on small businesses.
00512 Derek Street We have enough public holidays - our small business can't afford it!
00513 Megan Peters There are already enough public holidays throughout the year no need to add another one for business to pay for or get charged penalty rates
00514 Carey DEBoer Being a Retailer it is important that this is not passed as it will mean that we cannot afford to open on this day. which means lost earnings for our team members
00515 Julie Hungerford This will put an extra burden on my small business to pay penalty rates when my margins are so small that it would cost less to close my business for the day instead. If there is a public holiday Christmas Eve then I will close the business. My staff lose. My business loses. Everyone loses.
00516 Rick Huriwai I am a owner of a small business with over 90 staff in a regional area that provides services to the hospitality industry. My business will be greatly affected, particularly financially, by this decision. I also believe there are already enough public holidays and our staff have the opportunity to take leave should they require the day off.
00517 Mathew Plummer Its an additional cost to business so the Palaszczuk government can buy votes.
00518 Amanda Schreyer Just another blow to small and medium business in small towns trying to compete with major companies.
00519 Frank Spano My business is unable to support paying any public holidays, this will see us reduce our wage spend across other periods. As we cant handle more pressure on our business. After the decision to extend to 7 days in stanthorpe, warwick has already impacted us by 40% on profit and GC hours 3 years ago sales drop 15%
00520 Kim Moss Completely unnecessary, present employer/employee arrangements work just fine.
00521 Robyn Paximadis Small businesses are already suffering!
00522 Jenny Shill Small business are struggling now with employee Penalty Rates, why introduce more?
00523 Vivienne Matheson It appears that the Qld Government is determined to undermine small businesses even further. Small businesses cannot support additional costs. They are already penalized by changes to Qld public holidays and the Government's refusal to support Daylight saving. We don't need additional impediments to our sales, or additional wage related costs.
00524 Phillip Bevan Small business, workers and the economy will suffer
00525 Ian Boniface anti small business idea
00526 Michael Rechenberg More cost to small business
00527 Nicky McMillan Too expensive for small business already finding it hard to make a profit.
00528 Stephen Gowlett No need
00529 Rosemarie Haucke Christmas Eve is one of the biggest trading days on the year in our local town. To be shut on this day would have an economic repercussion domino effect for businesses, employees, customers and so on down the line.
00530 Cathy Barnes added addtional cost to our business that is already struggling with labour costs
00531 Patrice Perna As the Manager for our Family Business this would be too difficult for us to open Christmas Eve and we would have to close meaning all our staff would have no pay on this day. And customers would be disadvantaged too, this is terrible, there are plenty of public Holidays including Christmas Day and Boxing day!
00532 Ken Cox I won't be able to run my business if employees of my clients aren't accessible
00533 Michael Kelly This is a policy for votes for Labor and the Greens. It just boosts costs for small business and makes us even less competitive.
00534 Jane Cowden It is not necessary and only hurts small business owners, their employees and the families of both
00535 Margaret Page This is more expense for businesses, whatever size. The bigger the company, the more employees that are paid for no work. Businesses should not be expected to finance the whims of a self-serving, self-seeking government who are just trying to find favour for the next election.
00536 Lesley Johnston As a small business this will mean we will have to shut an extra day making us lose another busy day of business.
00537 Wendy Nucifora idea by those who have no idea how hard it is running a business. This is just another scheme that will cost everyone in the long run as the bottom line has to incorporate these extra expenses and loss of income. Please think wisely and stop this absurd idea.
00538 Bevan Blackshaw The extra holiday is completely unnecessary and a further burden upon business
00539 Michael Nasser How dare the labour government even consider this you are so out of touch small business are doing it so tough with added expenses without this extra burden ... you’ve lost the vote of all small businesses
00540 Manda Robinson Submission00540.pdf
00541 Victory Hotel Motel The Qld Gov, led by the Labor Party, has proposed to declare Christmas Eve a part-day public holiday, I am dismayed that before the Minister for Industrial Relations Grace Grace announced this to the media, there was no consultation with the hotel and tourism industry that will be significantly disadvantaged through increased costs, job losses or reduced hours which has already happened in South Australia and NT where they have had a part-day public holiday.
The Victory Hotel is just a small country pub employing 17 people in the Gympie Community. The introduction  of a part-day holiday on Christmas Eve will have the following impacts on the business-
Due to the additional wage costs of public holiday we will be forced to close our doors at 5.30 Christmas Eve, as we cannot afford to pay wages at such a high rate, which will be a huge impact on my staff who already loose hours due to the fact that we have so many Public Holidays around this time of year and do not open. As our staff are only casual and most have families this is a huge struggle for them at this time of year. I am sure they would prefer the extra money in their pockets than loose hours due to Public Holiday.
It will also limit the places that people can go to eat on Christmas Eve as I am sure that we are not the only business in town who will close their doors early.
I hope that you take on board the voices of the people who are already doing it tough and cannot afford any extra stress on both business and families.
00542 Deb Hyland I agree that Christmas Eve should be a public holiday 
00543 Sue Coyne As a retail worker who has previously worked Christmas Eve shifts that finished at midnight I can attest to having a feeling of exhaustion on Christmas day when awoken by my children at 5am to start opening presents. The feeling of exhaustion carried throughout the day and impeded on my enjoyment of the occassion with my family.
I feel that retail workers in all fields of retail, cleaners etc. are taken forgranted when it comes to this time of the year, as they are expected to work while others have the time off with their families. We are all expected to be available 7 days a week. This is not so for all employees Christmas Eve & Christmas Day are meant to be a time to spend with your family enjoying each others company and reflecting on the past year, NOT only for some employees, but for ALL employees.
00544 Sister carmel coyle. Stafford Thank you, I would think this a most wonderful opportunity to close the shops, and folk go on their family way, home together etc, as they prepare for Religious Services on the Eve, or prepare for .Christmas morn, or many other things they could do as a family or together.  re 6 pm or even earlier 5 pm??
A grand suggestion.
00545 Kim McEwan I support the Christmas Eve part day public holiday because , it’s a night that I share with my family it’s the day one of my three  days of Christmas . day one  Christmas Eve My Fathers 82nd birthday I’m busy gathering all supplies and gifts for next 3 days .and it’s most up setting for other family member when someone are  not there to celebrate the night before Christmas by  preparing for Christmas day and most of all dad’s birthday due to work commitments  .
Why do we have Three days of Christmas because of broken family’s and work commitments get in our way,  and we  try to get them all together the best we can and when you are missing out because of greed you should be compensated .
00546 Rose Fraser I support the Christmas eve public holiday. Many staff work hard and miss out on important time with their friends and family.
When I worked in retail, I was a nightfiller. Each year I was scheduled to work until 9 or 10pm on Christmas eve, meaning I could not make the 6 hour drive north to be with my family on Christmas day. 
There is plenty of time to shop before Christmas and many extended trading hours. Staff deserve these few hours to be with their family and celebrate. 
00547 Tina Gillingham Greed & stupidity prevails yet again.  It never ceases to amaze me.  After SDA worked hard in trying to obtain Christmas Eve after 18:00 off for us 'little people' those well & truly up the greasy pole do their utmost in trying to prevent families enjoying what little time they have together over the Christmas period to enjoy it!!!!
00548 Daniel Strange

I support the Christmas Eve public holiday. 

As a chef I work 60+ hrs a week for below the award, as most chefs in the industry do.
By making Christmas Eve a public holiday you will enable myself to spend just a little bit more time with my friends and loved ones and add a little more pressure on profiteering bosses that look to force us into working unsociable hours

00549 Niraj Shekhawatia  Unnecessarily increases cost of doing business  
00550 Chanelle Gangemi  because it's totally unnecessary and punishes the business. Most Small business will just close reducing employees hours. How is that good for business?  
00551 Jacqui Morrison-White  This time of year can be very busy for us, and another public holiday will have a negative impact on our already challenged small regional QLD town business 
00552 Dennis Walker This GOVT needs to assist the job creators in our state...not lay landmines for them to encounter and overcome.Retail staff accept that their work hours have to be there to satisfy public CUSTOMER demand...NOT the Staffs convenience....there are plenty of workers out there would gladly take their place!!! 
00553 Ben Searle  it's another cost that business just can not afford. Unless the government will subsides it. 
00554 David Manfield  Impost on business, especially small business 
00555 Wayne  Clinton  No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00556 Patricia Cross Youth unemployment in our area is already well above the national average and these sort of stupid decisions only increases the figures as this is the time businesses employ young ones to help with the extra business. 
00557 Scott Bowen Business cant afford extra costs.  Economy is going to get worse over the next few years. 
00558 Unknown< /td> businesses need the workers as customers want everything finished before Christmas, always asking at the last minute and we have enough public holidays already. 
00559 Alida Newman Already have too many holidays 
00560 Richard Sloan There's enough public holidays as it is 
00561 Julie Powe Cost to employers 
00562 Juanita  Thomson   Take one of the four off Easter and I would be happy to do Christmas Eve  
00563 Richard Wilson Businesses won't afford to stay open and everyone will be disadvantaged. 
00564 Ann Kilburn  There are already sufficient holidays over this period  
00565 John Pfeiffer  Firstly, there has never been a push for an extra holiday. This seems like an attempt to boost the morale of ALP supporters who realize the current government will lose office at the next election. Our industry, the removal industry, are always busy in the summer school holidays, so this idea will mean we will have to pay penalty rates that day. 
00566 Roxanne Dukes  I believe that there are plenty of public holidays already around Xmas 
00567 Neil Newman We have too many holidays as it is  
00568 Jenny Mayfield  Our firm already closes on Christmas Eve to allow staff time to prepare for Christmas Day. This is just an added cost on the business and an added complication as it is half a day. Small business is already struggling with the cost of wages especially in the hospitality and retail sector and they will be the hardest hit by this proposal. 
00569 Kylie Smith businesses cannot afford to pay staff over $50/hour to make coffee and serve food 
00570 Roger Mayfield It will result in another extra cost to small business when it can be least afforded it in the current economic climate. Small business looks after its staff for days like Christmas Eve & Easter Thursday without Government interference and being hit with this extra cost.   
00571 Mike Harvey not necessary and a burden to businesses 
00572 Tania Cowey  Additional costs and we will stop trading and less work hours for my employees  
00573 Jacquie Rhodes Small business does not need to be penalised on both sides. Its a lose lose for QLD employers. Small business struggles enough to make ends meet with increadsed wages and now theres a suggestion of yet ANOTHER public holiday??!! this will cripple small business, and it is small business that helps keep the economy going. 
00574 Amanda Mphillips Labour costs are to higher and qld has a lot of public holidays 
00575 Nerida Douwes It is not good for business. Small businesses need the income. We already have a lot of public holidays. 
00576 Steven Napier  The extra strain on my small business means I’ll send Staff home before the Penalty Rates occur. Therefore costing them extra $$ in their pocket.  
00577 Tim Berg Loss of productivity is the biggest issue we currently face and additional holiday will not assist with this. We will also have to fund the holiday out of our cashflow. 
00578 Annaliese  Lister I need to run a business and cannot afford to pay for another public holiday... 
00579 Damon Gerebtzoff If a part day public holiday was to be declared on Christmas Eve, it would cost our Non for Profit Community Club an additional $2,000 of additional wage costs if a public holiday penalty was to be paid for staff typically rostered during this period.  Our Club is already competing with rising overheads and decreasing revenues.  The imposition of additional labour cost during this period would result in either operating a reduced roster or choosing to close at 6:00pm on Christmas Eve. 
00580 Judith Searle Small business cannot afford this! My clients are all small businesses.  Often their employees need the money too. Working Christmas eve helps both parties. 
00581 Hayley Wallace Everyone does their last minute shopping on Christmas Eve, so the stores will open and businesses will have to pay more to staff unnecessarily. 
00582 John Lake No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00583 Jessica Stevens Adding more public holidays around christmas is only going to be detrimental to small business not helpful in any way...  
00584 Luica Connor The huge extra cost to our Community Club to provide an evenings dining for people that may have to spend Christmas day alone. 
00585 Nadia Moulds We have a business and really we can’t afford it 
00586 Tony Hancock  A global economy does not require more public holidays. Small business wears the brunt of these and the tax payer wears the inefficiencies of paying for more public servant holidays. We simply can't afford more inefficiency in our economy. 
00587 Sue Galvin  As a cafe/restaurant we get a lot of bookings on Christmas Eve from families who are catching up  with there ‘other’ family.  We would not open on Christmas Eve if it was a public holiday which would mean our staff would lose a shift on that day as a lot of our staff are employed on a casual basis.  The already lose a shift on Christmas Day and Boxing Day so this would impact as most still have weekly bills even tho it is Christmas. 
00588 Navin  Pasricha We already close early on christmas eve - this will just mean we have to pay more  
00589 Terri Cooper Small business will have no option but to close christmas eve and then no one earns any money. No body wins from this 
00590 Lisa Norris As a small business we would not be able to pay the penalty rates to stay open. Everyone receives at least 2 weeks of public holidays every year, surely this is enough.  
00591 Wayne Morris No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00592 Clara Goodwin killing small business 
00593 Tracy Gardner  We will be forced to close our business early to avoid the added wages 
00594 Alec Pokarier  It's yet another penalty on businesses who employ Northern Gold Coasters. 
00595 Bree Hargreaves  Small Business can NOT afford this! 
00596 Amanda Parker Our business cannot close of Christmas eve and cannot afford another public holiday. If people want to take a day annual leave they are entitled to do that.  
00597 Adam Jones The struggling tourism industry in QLD cant afford any more wage costs.  
00598 Steve Bates What a ridiculous idea! No consult with the business community whatsoever, business cannot afford this. 
00599 Paula Rizqallah  AS a small business, we already allocate enough Staff days. We close for Christmas anyway, so the staff are not working,. 
00600 Antoinette Grima  It would put financial strain on our company 
00601 Natasha Petesic Submissions 00601-00700
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00701 Australian Meat Industry Council Submission00701.pdf
00702 Jo  Sherline  Public Holidays are a costly expense to small businesses and we have enough of them in Queensland. 
00703 Brendan Royall  As an employer I will have to shut early on Christmas eve costing my employees. 
00704 Karen Rosman  Leave it be.  We do not need a pre-holiday holiday.  It will be only another burden on businesses.  Great many shops close early anyway.   
00705 Janice Ellson  Small business burden yet again.  
00706 Eva Kingi More cost from the Company 
00707 Sari Geraghty  Business can not afford this.  
00708 Toni-Maree Morris Let families have family time at this special time of the year
00709 Ranald Cameron As a small business, it is just not viable to open for a short period with public holiday penalties. The result of this change would mean many small businesses will simply not open during this period. 
00710 Karen Rosman Leave it be.  We do not need a pre-holiday holiday.  It will be only another burden on businesses.   
00711 Luke Wallace It’s cost my shop too much 
00712 Gowrie Hotel Motor Inn Submission00712.pdf
00713 United Voice Submission00713.pdf
00714 Local Governent Association Queensland Submission00714.pdf
00715 Anonymous  disapproves of the Christmas Eve Part-day public holiday. 
00716 Empire Hotel, Gympie We wish to advise your office, that we do NOT support another public holiday on Christmas Eve. Even a part  public holiday.
We strongly believe that a public holiday on Christmas Eve, will be an increased financial burden on Our Hotel and on the Hospitality Industry.
So we state again, we do not support this proposed Chrsitmas Eve Public Holiday!
00717 Coolum Surf Club Submission00717.pdf
00718 Anonymous   
00719 National Retail Association Submission00719.pdf
00720 Anonymous   
00721 Queensland Hotels Association  Submission00721.pdf
00722 The Strand Hotel Submission00722.pdf
00723 Restaurant & Catering Industry Association Submission00723.pdf
00724 Leading Age Services Australia Ltd Submission00724.pdf
00725 Queensland Community Alliance Submission00725.pdf
00726 Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland Submission00726.pdf
00727 Diggers Arms Hotel Submission00727.pdf
00728 Anonymous   
00729 The Osbourne Hotel The Osbourne Hotel, Fortitude Valley is a family run business comprising several bar, food and detached retail outlets. We currently employ approximately 70 people in different capacities.
Recently awarded the Best Redeveloped Licensed Premises (over $2m) in Queensland at the 2018 QHA Awards for Excellence.
We would normally trade until midnight in our on-premise operations and 11pm in our retail outlets. We have reviewed the likely financial impact of introduction of a part-day public holiday on Christmas Eve and have determined that we would close our on-premise operations no later than 7 pm (after the afterwork crowd). We would not offer a dinner service. We would close our retail operations no later than 8pm.
Clearly this action will significantly reduce the income of our large (mainly casual) workforce and reduce the amenity of our local community.
00730 Will Sinko Yes
00731 Unknown Finally a government that cares about its people!!!  As someone who has no choice but to work on Christmas eve  I am completely behind the 6pm Christmas eve public holiday proposal.  Why should parents miss out on time with their children because business' only care about making a profit!
00732 The Services Union Submission00732.pdf
00733 Inga Waterson Christmas eve should be a public holiday from 6pm. This would allow families / friends to spend extra time with each other and workers to be compensated for having to miss out on a special evening that only happens once each year.
00734 The Glen Hotel The Glen Hotel is a large iconic Brisbane (Southside) Hotel. It is a multifaceted family run business, owned and operated by the Fitzgibbons family, who have been a passionate part of the local community since 1960. The business comprises several bar, food and retail outlets as well as a 4.5 star accommodation offering. We currently employ approximately 110 people in different capacities.
Recently awarded the Best Redeveloped Licensed Premises in Queensland at the 2018 QHA Awards for Excellence.
We would normally trade until midnight in our on-premise operations and 11pm in our retail outlets. We have reviewed the likely financial impact of introduction of a part-day public holiday on Christmas Eve and have determined that we would close our on-premise operations no later than 7 pm (after the afterwork crowd). We would not offer a dinner service. We would close our retail operations no later than 8pm.
Clearly this action will significantly reduce the income of our large (mainly casual) workforce and reduce the local community amenity.
00735 Ashlee McPherson Yes
00736 Rachelle Kapor I am 100% behind the public holiday on Christmas eve. Christmas time should be time to spend with your family not working unreasonable hours.
00737 Cathryn Elsing I support a Christmas Eve public holiday for people who want to spend time with their families and for those who need to travel for Christmas.  
00738 Fadzilah Abdul-Salam  I support the part-day public holiday on Christmas Eve (24 December) from 6pm to 12 midnight.
00739 Philip McCracken  Yes, I support this.
00740 Nicola Owen I agree that employees should have a public holiday from 6pm on Christmas Eve to spend time with loved ones and family
00741 Kirra Robinson I support the move to make Christmas Eve a public holiday after 6pm for more family time and better happiness for employees. 
00742 Golden Orange Hotel Motel Submission00742.pdf
00743 Natalie Deeth Yes I’m 100% behind Christmas Eve becoming at public holiday. More family time.
00744 The Housing Industry Association Submission00744.pdf
00745 Kirstie Micallef  I’m against it because of all the revenue lost to local and all businesses owners and the wages that people will loose.  
00746 Kate Stokes Unnecessary expense on small business  
00747 Olivia Sainsbury  The public holiday is a waste and typical union hyped money grabbing anti small business policy. It will not in reality make people any more money as businesses wont be able to afford to open. I believe we should advocate strongly in opposition to this change being considered and implemented. Retail has enough challenges at the moment without more penalty rate periods being forced on them.    We have too many Public Holidays. We need less, not more. And for Hospitality is this is devastating. The businesses that have to be open every day eg hotels will just get an extra cost. It’s hard enough to get surcharges on Public Holidays and even when you do, the volume is less…so you make less money anyway. It will end up with that we close restaurants and cafes. No work for the staff and no money for the business. …and less tax for the government.   The real Peak Season on the Sunshine Coast doesn’t start until after Christmas, so there isn’t a big market that’s happy to pay premium before.  We have so many, and from 2 years ago we were forced to pay both Christmas Day on Christmas (Sunday), plus Boxing Day, plus a Tuesday at public holiday rates because Christmas fell on a Sunday that we had to pay public holiday anyway. All 4 days at Easter are also now public holiday. It’s a nightmare for business. 
00748 Christopher Ward As reasons stated above. We do not need yet another Public Holiday. People will not just take the 1/2 day 
00749 Cirsty Kidner Bonadio  It is one of the biggest trading days as a customer I’m against it 
00750 Queensland Council of Unions  Submission00750.pdf
00751 The Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association (SDA Queensland Branch) Submission00751.pdf
00752 Clubs Services Ipswich  Submission00752.pdf
00753 The Gateway Hotel Submission00753.pdf
00754 Hotel Richards Submission00754.pdf
00755 Anonymous   
00756 The Robina Tavern Submission00756.pdf
00757 Retail Drinks Australia  Submission00757.pdf
00758 Mary Eade because a lot of people rely on the last minute shopping, and if you want to take the time off then do it :) 
00759 John Robertson  Small Businesses in Queensland cannot afford to keep paying out for non productive hours and stay competitive in the world market. As a small business involved in the Queensland mining industry, we already find it difficult to compete with overseas pricing and supply. 
00760 Darren Kidd makes it too hard to run a busy 
00761 Rohan Hill Financially our small business can’t afford it 
00762 Steven Hallam There is no need for any more public holidays.  
00763 Jonathan Ede No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00764 Matthew Mason It is bad policy and it is unnecessary. Workplace that can afford it, allow their staff to go early and those that cannot will be forced to close from the afternoon.  
00765 David McMahon This is just pushing more cost on to business and this just means the customers will need to pay more.  Labour cost the largest cost to my business.   
00766 Sheng Zhao No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00767 Robert  Payne  I see no need for further public holidays and the associated cost to small business. 
00768 Ksenia Demidova It will hurt businesses too much  
00769 Clubs Queensland Submission00769.pdf
00770 Master Grocers Association Independent Retailers  Submission00770.pdf
00771 The Australian Workers' 
Union Queensland
00772 Jubilee Bowls Club Inc. Submission00772.pdf
00773 Island Adventures Pty Ltd Submission00773.pdf
00774 Commercial Hotel Tara  Submission00774.pdf
00775 Caravan Parks Association of Queensland Ltd Submission00775.pdf
00776 The Queensland Nurses and Midwives’ Union Submission00776.pdf
00777 Landsborough Hotel Submission00777.pdf
00778 Hotel & Tourism Management Pty Ltd Submission00778.pdf
00779 Anonymous   
00780 Queensland Tourism Industry Council Submission00780.pdf
00781 Ayr Anzac Memorial Club  Submission00781.pdf
00782 Anonymous   
00783 Barcoo Hotel      Submission00783.pdf
00784 Baking Association of Australia  Submission00784.pdf
00785 Anonymous   
00786 Anonymous   
00787 Tallebudgera Surf Club Submission00787.pdf
00788 Dingo Beach Hotel Submission00788.pdf
00789 Fernvale Hotel Motel Submission00789.pdf
00790 The Banana Hotel Motel  Submission00790.pdf
00791 Anonymous   
00792 Anonymous   
00793 Enterprise Hotel Motel Submission00793.pdf
00794 Anonymous   
00795 Anonymous   
00796 Anonymous   
00797 Anonymous   
00798 Anonymous   
00799 Anonymous   
00800 Anonymous   
00801 Burrum Heads Hotel Motel Submission00801.pdf
00802 The Pub at Aussie World Submission00802.pdf
00803 Jacobs Well Bayside Tavern Submission00803.pdf
00804 The Longreach Tavern Submission00804.pdf
00805 Central Lane Hotel Submission00805.pdf
00806 Innisfail RSL Submission00806.pdf
00807 The Waves Submission00807.pdf
00808 Anonymous  
00809 Karalee Tavern Submission00809.pdf
00810 Maryborough Sports Club Submission00810.pdf
00811 The Gem Hotel Submission00811.pdf
00812 Paul Irvin Hotel Group Submission00812.pdf
00813 Kurrawa Surf Club Submission00813.pdf
00814 The Australian Industry Group Submission00814.pdf
00815 Rev. Brian Hoole Submission00815.pdf
00816 Anonymous  
00817 Gary Mays It aids no one other than public servants & is a job killer for SME's
00818 Ken Ludeke The so called 24/7 world seems to apply to everything except employer wage costs
00819 Robert Boagey Unfair impost on business
00820 Tania Cowey Additional costs and we will stop trading and less work hours for my employees
00821 Peter Watkins No public holiday on Christmas Eve
00822 Rachel Buhagiar I operate a small business and this will cost me in overtime to keep my business open normal hours
00823 Rex Chapman The extra cost to small business
00824 Terence Sinkinson Too many penalties against small bvusiness as it is. Its time to think about the employers who generally in small usiness are the least well paid.
00825 Anonymous  
00826 Anonymous  
00827 Jennifer Rooney Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00828 Gevin Bustard Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00829 Keanan Benton Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00830 Alina Morogan Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00831 Melissa Smith Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00832 Cathryn Mooney Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00833 Chantel Gibbs Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00834 Craig Lutton Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00835 Sally-Anne Stubbings Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00836 Chloe Foran Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00837 Natalie Curr Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00838 Katrina Johnson Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00839 Errol Cunningham Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00840 Mindy Huynh Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00841 Noelene Fairweather Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00842 Patricia Palmer Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00843 Narelle Mentzer Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00844 Rameeza Rafiq Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00845 Alison Kelk Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00846 Kyley Clifford Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00847 Suzie Keenan Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00848 Maree Krainoff Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00849 Tania McKinney Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00850 Harley Bugg Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00851 Teresa Meurs Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00852 John Hewitt Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00853 Lynette Gormley Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00854 Sharon McCabe Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00855 Geraldine Lakin Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00856 Katherine Ritchie Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00857 Karan Burke Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00858 Michelle Waters Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00859 Jenny Bairstow Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00860 Susan Hale Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00861 Kathleen Batibasaga Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00862 Dora Fuentes Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00863 Jamine Foley Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00864 Jillian Sekhon Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00865 Amanda Walter Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00866 Robyn Gordon Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00867 Krystyna Thursfield Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00868 Lauren Fleming Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00869 Michelle Due Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00870 Annette Taylor Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00871 Jeff Edwards Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00872 Glenda Bowers Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00873 Jennifer Akhurst Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00874 Shane O'Connor Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00875 Fiona Davidson Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00876 Gordana Ristic Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00877 Ken Hughes Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00878 Stacey Rayner Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00879 Pia Iese Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00880 Brian Delany Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00881 Joanne Jones Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00882 Michelle Hodgson Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00883 Debra Jarman Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00884 Karen Bayle Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00885 Susan Allinson Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00886 Julie Thompson Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00887 Kyle Watling Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00888 Leah Hockings Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00889 Naomi Herbert Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00890 Steven Welge Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00891 Katherine Gillart Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00892 Samara Knight Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00893 Shelley McMahon Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00894 Sharnelle Sharma Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00895 Darsey Harlen Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00896 Claire Baker Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00897 Shannon Bayton Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00898 Lachlan Johnston Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00899 Kirsty Laube Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00900 Coral Wilson Submissions 00827-00900.pdf
00901 Robyn Johnston Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00902 Justine Bradley Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00903 Heather Smith  Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00904 Julie Privett Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00905 Anne Alvos Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00906 Melissah Gillespie Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00907 Sarah Looi Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00908 Cheryl Chong Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00909 Anne Tengdahl  Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00910 Nicholas Walker Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00911 Lara Lewis Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00912 Tony Manderson Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00913 Tahlia Elliott Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00914 Beverley Moulds Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00915 Sarah Morris Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00916 Marissa Woods Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00917 Anna Greinke Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00918 Leonie King Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00919 Sharni-Lee Christopher Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00920 Chelsea-Lea Lomas Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00921 Ceri Rogers Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00922 Reylene Fry Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00923 Natalie Johnston Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00924 Richelle Galvin Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00925 Narelle Valdivia Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00926 Nicole Nass Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00927 Ava Lustig Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00928 Melissa McKenzie Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00929 Michael Mullins Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00930 Lyndel Lammas Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00931 Karyn Tutton Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00932 Liliana Rodriguez Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00933 Charlene Walsh Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00934 Colin Shaw  Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00935 Kara Jackson Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00936 Kerri-Anne Muir Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00937 Joanne Brentin Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00938 Gwen Abela Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00939 Trevor Melvin Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00940 Jacob Greig Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00941 Petrina Willmett Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00942 Linda McGowan Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00943 Julie Hewitt Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00944 Marita Mackay Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00945 Kristy Whitmore Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00946 Jenny Golebiowski Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00947 Lisa Pamenter Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00948 Errol Cunningham Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00949 Tracey Butler Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00950 Suzanne Cooper Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00951 Carl Hill Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00952 Lorna Hudson Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00953 Robyn Scholes Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00954 Benjamin Glover Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00955 Tracy Hoysted Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00956 Lorraine Manteit Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00957 Robyn Duce Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00958 Rodney Knight Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00959 Kevin Doveston Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00960 Shannon Waldron Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00961 Elissa Williams Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00962 Clair Kleba Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00963 Ester McCarron Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00964 Gemma Mathers Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00965 David McLaughlin Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00966 Christina Van Haeften Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00967 Gabrielle Donovan Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00968 Shelley McMahon Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00969 Brett Singleton Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00970 Angela Arcidiancono Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00971 Natalie Navie Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00972 Cassandra Swan Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00973 Pamela Laidlaw Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00974 Leeanne Tabor Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00975 Emily McLeod Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00976 Jennifer Borthwick Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00977 Wendy McLellan Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00978 Katrina Simpson Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00979 Colleen Parry Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00980 Lavina Graham Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00981 Fiona Davidson Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00982 Jessie Barnes Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00983 Melissa Gittoes Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00984 Rosemaree Corby Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00985 Stephen Mills Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00986 Debbie Battis Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00987 Yvonne Dunb Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00988 Karen Walker Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00989 Hendrina Pretorius Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00990 Tahlia Elliott Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00991 Fotis Dionysiou Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00992 Daniel Milligan Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00993 Ellen Beswick Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00994 Israela Sharman  Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00995 Joan Woltman Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00996 Anita Bazzo Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00997 Jane Johnson Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00998 Janine Erceg Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
00999 Leigh Porter Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
01000 Charles James  Submissions 00901-01000.pdf
01001 Jo Cayton Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01002 Sharon Hankin Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01003 Pareen Bhagat Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01004 Narelle Porter Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01005 Carolyn Brown Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01006 Clair Kleba Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01007 Rebecca Benedito Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01008 Nadia Bigger Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01009 Jenny Tremayne Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01010 Sue Cameron Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01011 Karina Edwards Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01012 Jennifer Rosolen Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01013 Nicole Roue Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01014 Lyn York Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01015 Alana Thomas Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01016 Cathy Ellis Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01017 Timothy Reale Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01018 Tracey Kiorgaard Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01019 James Stanley Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01020 Amanda Cleary Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01021 Katarina Barrow Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01022 Rae Bichel Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01023 Noel Rochford Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01024 Tracey Sippitts Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01025 Karen Knight Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01026 Tylah Moonie Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01027 Karen Woods Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01028 Jeanette McLellan Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01029 Lisa-Jane Omalley Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01030 Tammy Goudge Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01031 Ky Ramsden Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01032 Caitlin Hannah Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01033 Gaylene Mayne Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01034 Valerie Goold Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01035 Anthony Corkill Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01036 Karla Anne Atherton Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01037 Jason Roberts Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01038 Christa Tapas Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01039 Jamie Rees Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01040 Lynette Muller Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01041 Melissa Anderson Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01042 Jasmine Lee Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01043 Kathryn Bowled Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01044 Jill Harlow Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01045 Karra McKenzie Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01046 Lily Tan Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01047 Christine O'Regan Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01048 Mikayla Buschel Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01049 Briar Garnett Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01050 Felicity Day Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01051 Cindy Knight Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01052 Thomas Nielsen Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01053 Cindy Pinnow Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01054 Lauren Burke Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01055 Nes Rex Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01056 Joanna Romeo Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01057 Cassandra Perrins Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01058 Imani Gereadi Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01059 Alayne Groves Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01060 Stephen Swan Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01061 Alison Luscombe Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01062 Rhiannon Beer Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01063 Robyn Denny Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01064 Ann Rodrigues Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01065 Karen Martin-Crimmin Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01066 Samara Knight Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01067 Roslyn Starr Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01068 Margaret Greer Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01069 Janine Charrington  Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01070 Zoe Mauerhan Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01071 Carlos Amaya Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01072 Melissa Liebetanz Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01073 Kim Bowness Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01074 Jo-Anne Henwood Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01075 Anne Church Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01076 Ashley Zammit Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01077 Alexi Robbins Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01078 John Majtczak Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01079 Stacey May Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01080 Rosie Cullen Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01081 Karen Witt Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01082 Tennille Clark Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01083 Christine Dittmann Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01084 Raelene Forssman Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01085 Ingrid Szlezak Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01086 Imma Rautenbach Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01087 Caitlin Fitzmaurice Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01088 Vikki Warriner Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01089 Del Jeays Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01090 Sarah Mardel Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01091 Libby Pickard Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01092 Peter Clark Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01093 Deanne Elliott Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01094 Melanie Landon Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01095 Lorant Toth Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01096 Jo Carman Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01097 Jason Dougherty Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01098 Karen Ross Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01099 Arlene Beer Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01100 Lisa McIntosh Submissions 01001-01100.pdf
01101 Jessica Mostyn Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01102 Natasha Jacobs Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01103 David Yeo Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01104 Karen Hunt Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01105 Jessica Singh Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01106 David Champney Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01107 Leonie Vugs Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01108 Tracy Miers Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01109 Vikki Bonighton Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01110 Claudia Besprosvan Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01111 Phyliss Roberts Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01112 Monica Diggins Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01113 Joanne Steele Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01114 Trina McLean Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01115 Taylor May Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01116 Laurelle Bailey Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01117 Hayden Carr Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01118 Garry Pang Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01119 Wendy McLaughlin Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01120 Ester McCarron Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01121 Mark Savage Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01122 Pauline Muggleton Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01123 Glenda Whitmore Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01124 Michelle Read Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01125 Gayle Leisfield Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01126 Kym Garth Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01127 Rhona Sorrensen Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01128 Rebecca Black Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01129 Lisa Curtis Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01130 Kylie Fraser Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01131 Elizabeth Humbler Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01132 James Madden Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01133 Craig Murray Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01134 Joanne Dempsey Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01135 Geoff Roberts Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01136 Neil Bhowmik Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01137 Debbie Eaton Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01138 Marlie Marshall Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01139 Kate Di Luigi Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01140 Jessica Taylor Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01141 Julie Clark Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01142 Karen Mergard Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01143 Hayden Marsh Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01144 Kiera Gavegan Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01145 Naomi Elenitsas Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01146 Laura Brown Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01147 Trish Deans Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01148 Sandra Comerford Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01149 Michelle Ray Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01150 Julie Buse Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01151 Wayne Ottrey Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01152 Ken Hughes Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01153 Harvey Baigent Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01154 Tracey Milford Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01155 Richard Pond Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01156 Sebastian Wood Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01157 Dianne Dempsey Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01158 Jeff Wilson Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01159 Shaun Hardwick Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01160 Melissa Esson Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01161 Kira Jones Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01162 Valasi Lelei Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01163 Alexandra Kelly-Gale Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01164 Amanda Bradley Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01165 Shonna Fitzgerald Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01166 Shaun Strachan Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01167 Samantha Knight Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01168 Amber Gregory Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01169 Ines Korycik Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01170 Paul Strathdee Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01171 Deanne Curtis Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01172 Theresa Lewis Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01173 Holly Lette Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01174 Hannah Smith Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01175 Sara McKinnon Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01176 Tracy Kelly Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01177 Julie Jobson Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01178 Karen Dykes Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01179 Michael Whitwell Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01180 Amy Kenny Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01181 Marina Downs Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01182 Helen Ulrich Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01183 Denise Buggy Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01184 Leoloa Moataane Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01185 Michelle Jacques Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01186 Rachel Edwards Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01187 Linda Taylor Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01188 Robyn Johnston Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01189 Greg Beal Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01190 Marcus McKenzie Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01191 Gwenda Marshall Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01192 Amanda Melksham Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01193 Grant Smith  Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01194 James Davis Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01195 Jenny Davidson Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01196 Amelia Yehia Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01197 Amy Lawson Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01198 Wendy Lister Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01199 Dorelle Casey Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01200 Barbara Reich Submissions 01101-01200.pdf
01201 Robert Lee Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01202 Jacqueline McCulkin Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01203 Renee Backhouse Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01204 Lea Doolan Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01205 Katherine Stephens Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01206 Karen Timms Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01207 Vicki Heilig Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01208 Michelle Quinn Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01209 Vicki Bailey Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01210 Kesi Tuliau Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01211 Waite Shelley Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01212 Castelle Tanoa Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01213 Tina Gillingham Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01214 Brenda Ewan Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01215 Wendy Graham Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01216 Peter Yewen Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01217 Mahalia Willett Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01218 Katrina Smith  Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01219 Andreas Lachmann  Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01220 Lorna Hudson Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01221 Cheryl Morgan Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01222 Sally-Anne Stubbings Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01223 Wendy Lapwood Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01224 Samantha Knight Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01225 Karina Edwards Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01226 Jacqueline McCulkin Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01227 Kelly Moyle Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01228 Chloe Gam Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01229 Leah Chamberlin Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01230 Jeanette Lewis Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01231 Eleanor Houston Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01232 Hayley Waller Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01233 Kim Bailey Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01234 Nicole Pettigrew Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01235 Kayla Decandia Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01236 Kim Lloyd Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01237 David Crowdey Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01238 Jennifer Walker Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01239 Sheree Godschalx Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01240 Alexandra Kerridge Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01241 Erinn Clark Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01242 Luisa Stuart Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01243 Donovan Geddes Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01244 Rodney Blanch Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01245 Maja Edwards Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01246 Susanne Bull Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01247 Sallyanne Lansom Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01248 Ellen Campbell Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01249 Gillean Gray Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01250 Noleen Gooding Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01251 Chong Tan Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01252 Debbie Alley Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01253 Pru Casey Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01254 John Domoney Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01255 Ann Bligh Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01256 Sharon Hall Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01257 Kirsty Amor Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01258 Maureen Ring Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01259 Tiana Loch Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01260 Niki Turner Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01261 Amber Dowsett Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01262 Katherine Stephens Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01263 Tracey Pitcairn Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01264 Mathese Curmi Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01265 Karen Walker Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01266 Leanne Gwyther Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01267 Jenni Priddle Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01268 Debra Scholz Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01269 Michelle Kello Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01270 Louise Crites Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01271 Kay Langerak Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01272 Roslen Jamesion Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01273 Alicia Smoothy Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01274 Martin Waikato Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01275 Corey Martinez-Hughes Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01276 Mel Smith Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01277 Sarah Jessen Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01278 Allisha Metcalfe Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01279 Savanya Rice Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01280 Carlene Seagrave Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01281 Deniza Dmitrovic Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01282 Priya Singh Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01283 Joann Thompson Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01284 Roslyn Costello Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01285 Leanne Wolfe Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01286 Sunil Kondepudi Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01287 Andrew Gilson Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01288 Matt Cooper Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01289 Denise Palmer Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01290 Debra Wenborn Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01291 Melissa Lester Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01292 Steven Devoy Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01293 Heather McGirr Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01294 Robert Noble Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01295 Faye Samways Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01296 Neta Bishop Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01297 Lisa Creamer Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01298 Janelle Twiner Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01299 Heath Cundy Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01300 Neta Bishop Submissions 01201-01300.pdf
01301 Chae McMorrin Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01302 Ray Hill Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01303 David Kretschmann Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01304 Joy Ryziuk Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01305 Robyn Scholes Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01306 Melanie Blair Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01307 Susan Coyne Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01308 Kerry Brownrigg Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01309 Emma Forrest Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01310 Kylie James Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01311 Dirk Wapstra Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01312 Karen May Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01313 Stephanie Joslin Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01314 Lindsay Fairman Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01315 Jodee Walsh Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01316 Deborah Fox Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01317 Sheena Richardson Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01318 Krystle Hema-Sargent Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01319 Valerie Johnson Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01320 Tracey Richards Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01321 Michelle Matheson Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01322 Sandy Kelly Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01323 Annette Patelb Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01324 Kerrie Patterson Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01325 Kim Walker Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01326 Paul Wertheim Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01327 Debbie Whiting Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01328 Jess Moretti Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01329 Noela O'Reilly Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01330 Tracy Hurley Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01331 Melanie Wilson Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01332 Verity Bowes Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01333 Carole Thompson Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01334 Dee Roser Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01335 Stephanie Doherty Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01336 Shauna Forster Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01337 Erika Chapple Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01338 Ellen Parrott Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01339 Samantha Pickering Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01340 Noella Hayes Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01341 Joffrey Robert Westaway Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01342 Anita Gale Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01343 Kath Hayter Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01344 Wendy Wirth Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01345 Nikki Millard Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01346 Adam Lynch Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01347 Christopher Arnold Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01348 Teokota Torope Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01349 Courtney McCreery Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01350 Michelle Cotter Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01351 Fiona Whelan Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01352 Kate Benson Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01353 Laurie Chana Woodrow Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01354 Roslyn Starr Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01355 Valmai Burton Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01356 Teresa McKegg Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01357 Marcia Teirney Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01358 Asvera Sahbegovic Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01359 Maree Andrews Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01360 Karen Osborne Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01361 Dane Dhu Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01362 Annaliese Wright Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01363 Ashishkumar Patel Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01364 Desmone Morete Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01365 Leanne Huther Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01366 Jens Lipponer Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01367 Patricia Rogers Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01368 Bronwyn Butt Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01369 Deborah Lepinath Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01370 Emily Buckland Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01371 Shannon Waldron Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01372 Mike Snow Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01373 Lynda Schultz Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01374 Anthony Hubbert Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01375 Opal Seuao Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01376 Elizabeth O'Driscoll Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01377 Taylor McGregor Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01378 Melanie Campbell Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01379 Adam Beales Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01380 Phillip Ligawa Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01381 Paul Walshaw Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01382 Gerrad Duniam Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01383 Tiffany Bartlam Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01384 Jake Allwood Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01385 Rebecca Stavrou Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01386 Leanne Lehmann Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01387 Janelle Jenkins Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01388 Felicia Hines Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01389 Jenny Moore Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01390 Melva Schreder Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01391 Belinda Flood Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01392 Rose Bailey Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01393 Darren McFarlane Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01394 James Thompson Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01395 Vicki Johnson Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01396 Stewart Denning Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01397 Bela Nair Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01398 Sophie Gadaloff Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01399 Jack Hodson Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01400 Vicki Schramm Submissions 01301-01400.pdf
01401 Kathy Gould Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01402 Cheryl McKay Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01403 Jessica Hines Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01404 Tracy Slade Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01405 Adam Fuary Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01406 Cheryl Ancrum Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01407 Jodie Fletcher Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01408 Cassie Andrade-Hunt Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01409 Ashley Morton Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01410 Sean Welter Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01411 Vanessa Wasilewski Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01412 Michelle Sneddon Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01413 Therese Bennie Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01414 Kerry Cox Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01415 Lia Moran Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01416 Michelle Lewis Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01417 Elona Martin Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01418 Keith Reid Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01419 Miss Monica Wawryniuk Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01420 Lorraine Manteit Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01421 Clayton Walsh Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01422 Christina Van-Haeften Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01423 Veronica Hambrook Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01424 Elizabeth Beatson Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01425 Serena Gesler Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01426 Katalin Dolinsky Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01427 Tia Brown Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01428 Janelle Fowler Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01429 Denise Barendse Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01430 Millie McGowan Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01431 Robyn Newton Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01432 Cassie Vella Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01433 Monika Matthews Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01434 John Hampton Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01435 David Philp Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01436 Wayne Williams  Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01437 Tyneal Sorrensen Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01438 Sally Reid Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01439 Christopher Stanford Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01440 Toni Nielsen Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01441 Loretta Winter Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01442 Therese Dowling Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01443 Felicity Daviess Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01444 Olivia Freeman Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01445 Diane Warner Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01446 Abigail Brumby Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01447 Nicole Morish Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01448 Suzana Georgiev Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01449 Paul McDonald Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01450 Kylie Fuller Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01451 Kerri O'Brien Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01452 Robyn Cogill Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01453 Jordan Wilson Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01454 Louise Key Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01455 Brianna Uncle Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01456 Lachlan Rippon Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01457 Jenine Badger Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01458 Laura Brown Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01459 Angela Craig Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01460 Michelle Bosch Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01461 Julie Schultz Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01462 Pam Bailey Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01463 Maree Sydenham Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01464 Suzanne Ronan Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01465 Melissa Andersen Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01466 Justine Sorensen Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01467 Monique Dobson Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01468 Lance Farrington Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01469 Aiden Carter Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01470 Sandra Thompson Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01471 Joanne Edgerton Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01472 Garry Brown Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01473 Taylor Burns Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01474 Michael Olsen Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01475 Kylie Fuller Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01476 Daniel Pearson Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01477 Margaret Taylor Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01478 Kim Knauf Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01479 Rebecca Rickard Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01480 Bryn Woodcock Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01481 Matthew Finn Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01482 Florence Kalligeros Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01483 Julia Towers Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01484 Colin Smith Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01485 Kate McShane Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01486 Ian Fox Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01487 Enda Bradley Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01488 Katrina Bowman Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01489 Julie Hewitt Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01490 Prabhakar Reddy Kusukuntla Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01491 Talitha Gorges Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01492 Tamara Walsh Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01493 Danielle Jones Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01494 Jasmine Blacka Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01495 Rhonda Jenner Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01496 Tanya Berthelsen Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01497 Neville Fowler Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01498 Nicole Chaplin Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01499 Tenille Neaves Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01500 Caitlin Dunne Submissions 01401-01500.pdf
01501 Alison Brooks Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01502 Sophia Diedericks Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01503 David Hall Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01504 Doris Liedmann Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01505 Marina Downs Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01506 Julie Richardson Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01507 Linda Hunt Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01508 Sandra Comford Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01509 Joy Van Wijk Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01510 Shannen C Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01511 Jennifer Clement Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01512 Saskia Shaw Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01513 Tiana La Spina Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01514 Gemma Holman Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01515 Porohu Takai Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01516 Mikayla Grant Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01517 Denise Procopis Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01518 Walmarie Gray Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01519 Sarah Billingham Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01520 Lesley Yann Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01521 Alyssa Nyman Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01522 Michael Lockyer Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01523 Evette Beales Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01524 Sevim Tame Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01525 Donna Walters Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01526 Patricia White Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01527 Lydia Wengert Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01528 Millani Hanlon Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01529 Maria Sanches Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01530 Judith Cairns Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01531 Julie Kelly Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01532 Jeanette Fordham Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01533 Raymond Shanks Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01534 Bronwyn Holak Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01535 Scott Kelly Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01536 Ella De Lore Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01537 Elaine De Pater Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01538 Julie Warren Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01539 Lisa Brauns Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01540 Emily Richter Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01541 Melinda Moore Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01542 Susan Pascoe Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01543 Kathryn Lee Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01544 Hayley Kitzelman Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01545 Jess Barnes Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01546 Dianne Walter Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01547 Paula Pay Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01548 Nicole Park  Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01549 Shona Mairs Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01550 Teena Bionda Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01551 Janelle Roberts Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01552 Rebecca Hogan Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01553 Marlene Tekii Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01554 Donna Miller Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01555 Stephen Miller Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01556 Pam Newcombe Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01557 Christine Keel Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01558 Sally Forman Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01559 Juanita Gibbens Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01560 Clare Mulcaster Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01561 Heather Miller Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01562 Liz Kildey Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01563 Debra Lovell Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01564 Jan Smith Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01565 Sue S Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01566 Jay Mehta Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01567 Sherie Greene Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01568 Belinda Grech Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01569 Donna Smith Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01570 Tim Body Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01571 Karita Homery Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01572 Jodie Blannin Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01573 Nichola Sutherland Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01574 Nicola Connolly Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01575 Donna Makepeace Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01576 Maria Tarcan Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01577 Sharon Drewery Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01578 Nicola Payne Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01579 Andrea Murphy Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01580 Emma Sunbeam Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01581 Jenny Tremayne Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01582 Craig Gerrey Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01583 Maria Masterton Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01584 Debbie Berg Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01585 Barry Williams Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01586 Sara Crawford Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01587 David Minnear Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01588 Kerrie Wales Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01589 Andrew Blinks Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01590 Matthew Watrach Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01591 Robyn Welch Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01592 Cherie Bell Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01593 Sharon Lane Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01594 Leanne Batchelor Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01595 Katherine O'Donoghue Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01596 Alison Kelk Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01597 Jo-Anne Horton Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01598 Claire Strathdee Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01599 Elizabeth Kettles Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01600 Peter Voermanek Submissions 01501-01600.pdf
01601 Shelley Clarke Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01602 Naomi Grandin Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01603 Dena Geraghty Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01604 Annette Jackson Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01605 Tanita Anderson Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01606 Maria Savoca Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01607 Maja K Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01608 Andrew Sapieja Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01609 Renae Somerville Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01610 Christopher Juett Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01611 Katrina Simpson Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01612 Virginia Mort Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01613 Abbie Cannard Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01614 Jess Castle Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01615 Cathy Vercoe Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01616 Shontelle White Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01617 Karen Walker Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01618 Mel Evans Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01619 Lilyan Johnstone Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01620 Diane Weaver Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01621 Leonie Richards Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01622 Kiera Chapman Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01623 Joshua Taylor Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01624 Lisa Fiteni Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01625 Samantha Storer Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01626 Matt Watrach Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01627 Nicole Mellor Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01628 Alana B Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01629 Margaret Taylor Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01630 Paula Phillott Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01631 Mel Castle Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01632 Katrina Healey Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01633 Bianca Dutton Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01634 Lisa Gallo Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01635 Julieann Skidmore Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01636 Sandra West Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01637 Peter Nyp Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01638 Robert Watson Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01639 Andrew Bown Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01640 Sue Davies Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01641 Gary Pett Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01642 Sharon Schubert Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01643 Michelle Sweet Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01644 Leanne Woodford Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01645 Sharon Faulkner Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01646 Debra Sherwood Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01647 Renee Beckhouse Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01648 Ashleigh Harvey Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01649 Chloe Bradford Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01650 Jennifer Rutjenst Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01651 Andrew Biddle Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01652 Tracey Moore Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01653 Helen Lynch Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01654 Pam Hone Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01655 Noeleene Steele Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01656 Lara Lewis Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01657 Krystal Tatow-Warren Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01658 Karen Dykes Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01659 Colleen Newton Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01660 Gloria Towne Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01661 Tamie Butler Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01662 Tierra Whakaruru Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01663 Merilee Curtis Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01664 Debbie Kendall Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01665 Cassandra Herbert Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01666 Katrina Taylor Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01667 Pete Smith Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01668 Kate Samuels Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01669 Rachel Panuve Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01670 Julie Mays Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01671 Nikita-Leigh Eaton Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01672 Rachelle Naumann Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01673 Myrna Davies Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01674 Kara Murnane Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01675 Robert Hayselden Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01676 Melissa Taylor Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01677 Shay King Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01678 John Morris Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01679 Leon Johnston Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01680 Scott Morgan Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01681 Julie Carney Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01682 Rosemary Lines Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01683 Tash Taylor Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01684 Josh Brooke Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01685 Sonya Verning Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01686 Sharon Crawley Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01687 Nikita Pacey Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01688 Nicole Ryan Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01689 Michelle Herbert Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01690 Brenda Gibons Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01691 Zackary Stereff Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01692 Kelly Hughes Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01693 Danielle Shambrook Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01694 Lois Gilbert Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01695 Debbie Reed Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01696 Natalie Kemp Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01697 Hayley Struthers Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01698 Elizabeth Wilson Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01699 Rhianna Aitken Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01700 Pauline Turnbull Submissions 01601-01700.pdf
01701 Robyn Newton Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01702 Adam Lynch Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01703 Tracey Richards Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01704 Ellen Campbell Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01705 Anonymous  
01706 Jeanette Lewis Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01707 Katherine Stephens Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01708 John Hewitt Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01709 Katrina Johnson Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01710 Lauren Burke Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01711 Narelle Porter Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01712 Adam Bloom Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01713 Diane Davies Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01714 Casey Sheppard Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01715 Karen Hubbert Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01716 Smari Marlosh Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01717 Yoong Yuen Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01718 Karyn Pollard Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01719 Chloe Hohn Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01720 Jodie Triffitt Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01721 Eileen Bell  Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01722 Belinda Dunn Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01723 Ashleigh Allison Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01724 Hayley Hogan Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01725 Shari Fenwick  Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01726 Deanne Curtis  Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01727 Michelle Kerr Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01728 Frances Goff Paul  Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01729 Robyn Bilyk  Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01730 Reece Glenny Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01731 Tabathia Grams Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01732 Anonymous  
01733 Anonymous  
01734 Lorrraine Davies Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01735 Danielle Scott Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01736 Andrea Moore Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01737 Christine Spicer Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01738 Sharon Baker Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01739 Bernard Tang Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01740 Amanda Horkings Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01741 Colleen Hawken  Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01742 Diane Sullivan  Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01743 Jo Carman Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01744 Suzana Geogiev Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01745 Ashleigh Postlethwaite Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01746 Anita Gray Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01747 Elona Martin Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01748 Sebastian Wood Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01749 Isabelle Godwin Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01750 Sara Crane Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01751 Chloe Paterson Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01752 Theresa Lubke Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01753 Anonymous  
01754 Karen Lukritz Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01755 Zac Hart Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01756 Kirstie Mitchell Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01757 Lisa Schoonhoven Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01758 Ashley Hogbin Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01759 Amy Thompson Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01760 Rachael Clacherty Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01761 Kim Montgomery Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01762 Julie Ann Pearce Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01763 Jason Roberts Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01764 Fallon Watson Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01765 Suellen Dalton Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01766 Leonie Harding Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01767 Melinda Caputo  Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01768 Suzie Butler Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01769 Robin Bishop Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01770 Unknown Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01771 Jayson Lee-Leong Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01772 E Collins Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01773 Sheree Snelgar Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01774 Unknown Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01775 Dena Geraghty Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01776 Catherine Parsons Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01777 Margaret McKeand Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01778 Jeff Edwards Submissions 01701-01779.pdf
01779 Unknown Submissions 01701-01779.pdf

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